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Latest Registered Tutors  
Lily Eustace
 Education LevelBachelor Degree
 LocationAuckland - Auckland City
 DescriptionContact me to arrange a class Look forward to hearing from you soon!
 Joined15 Nov, 2017
More Details »
Elena Sinisi
 SubjectItalian, French, German
 Education LevelGraduate/Master Degree
 LocationAuckland - Auckland City
 DescriptionI graduated in Translation and Interpretation at Centre for Translation Studies Milan and further qualified in Translation at Universit√© Marc Bloch Strasbourg. I l...
 Joined12 Nov, 2017
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Charlotte Bain
 SubjectHistory, English, Geography
 Education LevelCollege
 LocationAuckland - North Shore
 DescriptionHaving achieved 100% in 10 out of 14 of my AS and A level modules and 98%, 96%, 96% and 85% in the remaining modules I understand the demands of the exams and how to s...
 Joined10 Nov, 2017
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Mathilde Richer
 SubjectBiology, French, Science
 Education LevelDoctoral Degree/Ph.D
 LocationAuckland - Auckland City
 DescriptionI have traveled in many countries and taught students of all backgrounds and ages. Originally from French Polynesia, my native language is French, I have worked most ...
 Joined8 Nov, 2017
More Details »
Chima Clement
 SubjectManagement, Maths, Statistics
 Education LevelDoctoral Degree/Ph.D
 LocationAuckland - Waitakere City
 DescriptionI am easy going person who loves to share my knowledge and ideas with people. My favorite board game is Chess and I love watching Science and Technology documentaries ...
 Joined1 Nov, 2017
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  • Looking for a New Zealand tutor What Students Say:
    "Tutorshome is a good website to find a large selection of competent tutors for a wide range of subjects. This site allowed me to find a great maths tutor quickly and get in contact with him. I recommend this site to anyone who is looking for a tutor to help them with their studies".
    ---Zane Gilbertson, studying first year Management at University of Auckland in 2005
    TUTORS WANTED from all places in NEW ZEALAND !  
    I am looking for a Japanese tutor in Canterbury - Christchurch City. Price is 20-30 dollars per hour. My level is Primary.
    Hi. Looking for a Japanese tutor for my 9 year old son. He has had 6 months of lessons this year but then his tutor moved to Australia. L...
     StudentSteph calcroft
     Date: 8 Aug, 2017
    More Details »
    I am looking for a C++ Programming tutor in Online Only. Price is Negotiable. My level is University(Year 2).
    Looking for c++ tutor,on-line only.
     Studentven Lamba
     Date: 27 Jul, 2017
    More Details »
    I am looking for a French tutor in Auckland - Auckland City. Price is Negotiable. My level is Secondary(Form 3-5).
    Bonjour, I'm looking for a French tutor to give private lessons (around 2 x 1.5 hour lessons per week) until October. I am going to fr...
     StudentJoey Siu
     Date: 23 Jul, 2017
    More Details »
    I am looking for a Italian tutor in Auckland - Auckland City. Price is 30-40 dollars per hour. My level is Primary.
    Hi There, My friend and I are going to Tuscany in January and would like to Learn as much of the Italian laungage as possible before o...
     StudentSarah Rossiter
     Date: 14 Jul, 2017
    More Details »
    I am looking for a Computer tutor in Auckland - Waitakere City. Price is 40-50 dollars per hour.
    Looking for a tutor who can teach a small class of children (approx 8), once a week, Thursday mornings. General computer skills, ages 9-1...
     StudentRae MacKenzie
     Date: 30 Jun, 2017
    More Details »
    Latest Registered Students
     Mr. lopezCanterbury - Christchurch CityEnglish20 Nov, 2017
     Mr. BuchanAuckland - Waitakere CityComputer20 Nov, 2017
     Ms. MeldrumAuckland - North ShoreSpanish20 Nov, 2017
     Ms. YuAuckland - Manukau CityEnglish19 Nov, 2017
     Ms. HenriquezWellington - Wellington CityPhilosophy19 Nov, 2017
     Ms. PatelCanterbury - Christchurch CityComputer18 Nov, 2017
     Mr. NjAuckland - North ShoreScience17 Nov, 2017
     Ms. TreloarWaikato - MorrinsvilleJapanese17 Nov, 2017
     Ms. Hampson Auckland - Auckland CityCommerce16 Nov, 2017
     Ms. BarejaAuckland - Auckland CityBiology15 Nov, 2017

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