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Tutor:The Mentor Online
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Location:Online Only
Price Range:$20-30 per hour
Education Level:Doctoral Degree/Ph.D
Major:Statistics and Operations Research
Subject:StatisticsLevel:All levels
Subject:MathsLevel:All levels
Subject:ManagementLevel:All levels
Tutoring Experience:
Thementoronline have a diverse group of qualified tutors with expertise on all sujects as well as on different topics ranging from Basic to Advance Analysis. Please send us your questions to thementoronline with deadline, we will provide you better solutions.
We assists you:
Management Science
Operations Research
Power Point Presentation
Report Writing
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Tutor:Harry Chulalongkorn
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Location:Auckland - Auckland City
Price Range:$10-20 per hour
Education Level:Graduate/Master Degree
Institute:The University of Auckland and Monash University
Major:Marketing/Information Technology/Economics
Subject:ManagementLevel:All levels
Subject:MarketingLevel:All levels
Subject:PhilosophyLevel:All levels
Tutoring Experience:
I believe I can provide tremendous support to your assignment/research and projects (including thesis); or just normal homework.

I can provide assistance in the following categories:
- All Business level courses including Math, Accounting, Marketing, Economics, MYOB, HTML5 and Flash
- All Art/Humanities level courses including languages like, English Literature and/or Grammar, Japanese/Korean, and Chinese. Philosophical courses are also assisted.

I currently do my own business (website design and export/import) from home so I have alot of freetime, but I prefer not meeting; but I am more than capable of enriching your homework, assignment, thesis or project via e-mail exchange/sms/msn/BB or, if necessary, in person.

I therefore charge a flat fee of $80 per each individual homework completed, and this includes doing everything. But if the due-date of your homework is due within 2 days; a higher charge would be required. Depending on the time allowed, you will receive a grade not less than 'B+'.
I have been awarded the following:
- Bachelor of Business (Marketing) from Monash University Australia
- Bachelor of Science (Physics/Maths) from Auckland University
- Master of Business Administration (No Major) from Assumption University (Thailand)
- CELTA English Teaching Certificate (2007)

Thank you for looking at my profile and I hope to provide assistance throughout the 2012 year.
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Tutor:Altaf Shaikh
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Location:Auckland - Auckland City
Price Range:$30-40 per hour
Education Level:Bachelor Degree
Subject:ComputerLevel:All levels
Subject:MarketingLevel:All levels
Subject:ManagementLevel:All levels
Tutoring Experience:
I am an IT Professional with a business background. I have over 3 years of teaching experience both in New Zealand and overseas. I have effectively taught the following subjects: Computing and Information Technology, Marketing, Management, Economics and Business Writing.
I have a Bachelor of Engineering Degree in Electronics with extensive IT Industry experience at various organisational levels. I am currently pursuing my Master of Business and Administration.
I speak English very fluently. I prefer tutoring in the library but would comfortable conducting the tutorials from home.
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Tutor:Shawn Manders
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Location:Wellington - Lower Hutt City
Price Range:$40-50 per hour
Education Level:Bachelor Degree
Subject:AccountingLevel:All levels
Subject:ManagementLevel:All levels
Subject:ComputerLevel:All levels
Tutoring Experience:
I have successfully tutored NZ & overseas students from primary school to adults for over 15 years. The range of subjects I have tutored include Accounting, Management, Law, Economics, Tourism, Business English and Foundation Studies.

I have also delivered corporate and community education in Accounting & Computer applications (including MS Office & MYOB).
I combine my strong background in accounting, business and training with qualifications and training in both Business & Education.

I have a friendly and flexible style that tailors coursework to suit your learning needs.

When tutoring people I use practical examples and analogies to communicate ideas in a way that is relevant and understandable for you.

I can successfully translate difficult concepts into everyday terms to enable students to quickly understand and incorporate into their learning.

I am able to teach 1 on 1 or small groups of 2-15.
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