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Tutor:Ian Scott
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Location:Auckland - Auckland City
Price Range:$50 or higher per hour
Education Level:Graduate/Master Degree
Institute:University of Auckland
Subject:TaxationLevel:All levels
Subject:Tax accountingLevel:All levels
Tutoring Experience:
- Graduated University of Auckland (BCom/BSC) with majors in Accounting, Taxation, Applied Mathematics and Statistics.

- I Completed COMLAW 301 and COMLAW 311 as part of my BCom/BSc degree

- I have been working in the professional services industry in corporate taxation for the past 3 years and have an integral understanding of a wide range of tax topics, including:
1. International tax
2. Corporate tax (including dividends and the imputation credit regime)
3. Non-corporate entity taxation (trusts etc)
4. GST
5. Individual tax; and
6. Tax accounting

- CA qualified

- Currently studying a Masters in Taxation at University of Auckland
I offer tutoring services throughout the year around Auckland CBD but can arrange other meeting spots if necessary.

Contactable via tutorshome.

My hourly charge out rates are as follows:
- $60 p/h for one-on-one tutorials
- $45 p/h for a group of 2
- $30 p/h for a group of 3 or more.
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Tutor:Kasin MOHAMMAD
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Location:Auckland - Auckland City
Price Range:$30-40 per hour
Education Level:Doctoral Degree/Ph.D
Institute:Massey University
Subject:ManagementLevel:All levels
Subject:EconomicsLevel:All levels
Subject:Finance, ResearchLevel:All levels
Tutoring Experience:
more than 10 years in New Zealand and Middle East Universities (Saudi Arabia and Jordan universities)
The following is just the guide line for your description
- More than three years at Massey University and 5 years in Saudi Arabia Universities
-Tutor and then lecturer to wide range of management-related courses/papers; research methodology, finance, economics...
-supervising PhD and Master researches/thesis
- Teaching in both Arabic and English Languages
-Flexible teaching/tutorial hours/days and can access most places in New Zealand
- effectively help in understanding and research methodology and graduation projects; and in Master and PhD thesis in Management

- Member of many academic journals (as an editor)
- Trainer for management related courses and in presentation and preparation for seminars and oral exams

- Consultant for academic and study affairs

- helpful and considerate

- Academic adviser for several years in New Zealand

- No contract needed, $30 per hour, flexible to meet your schedule

- Taught under- and post-graduates (MBAs and PhD) at universities and colleges
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Tutor:Helena Vu
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Location:Manawatu - Palmerston North
Price Range:$30-40 per hour
Education Level:Doctoral Degree/Ph.D
Institute:The University of Melbourne
Major:Educational Leadership
Subject:IELTSLevel:All levels
Subject:ManagementLevel:All levels
Subject:Academic WritingLevel:All levels
Tutoring Experience:
• PhD in Management (ongoing) – Massey University (Palmerston North, New Zealand)
• PhD in Education – The University of Melbourne (Melbourne, Australia)
• CELTA (Certificate of English Language Teaching to Adults) – Melbourne Training Associates (Melbourne, Australia)
• M.Sc in Market Research and Marketing Strategies – University of Nantes (Nantes, France)
• M.Ed in Educational Leadership and Management – RMIT (Melbourne, Australia)
• B.A in TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) – Vietnam National University (Hanoi, Vietnam)

Subjects I have tutored:
• ESL (English as a Second Language): IELTS, English for Academic Purposes, English for Special Purposes, TOEFL, TOEIC, OET, BULAT, BEC.
• Business: Principles of Management, Organisational Behaviour, HRM, Leadership, Ethics and CSR, Philosophy, , Marketing, Public Policy, Strategic Management.
• Education: Higher Education Policy, Gender in Education, TESOL, Educational Management and Leadership, ICT in Education.
• Others: Communication and Media Studies, Criminology, Aviation, Public Health
Services I offer:
• Face-to-face tutoring
• Online tutoring
• Proofreading
Professional Experience
• Interpreting Services Ltd (Palmerston North): Interpreter
• Monash College (Melbourne): ESL Teacher
• The University of Melbourne: Mentor and academic tutor
• Verity Law (Melbourne): Academic Counsellor
• Kabo Lawyers (Melbourne): IELTS Trainer
• ORIMA Research: Interpreter
• International School, Hanoi: Lecturer
• Extensive experience in higher education: I have been working in a number of leading institutions in Vietnam and Australia, and have been teaching in various EMI courses provided by Keuka College (the USA), Northumbria University (the UK), East London University (the UK), and HELP University (Malaysia). I have also tutored in MBA courses as well.
• Great proficiency in English: My IELTS score is 8.5 out of 9.0, and I have achieved 9.0 in writing, as well as 8.5 in speaking. I am also the holder of a Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults, taken at the reputable Melbourne Training Associates.
• Exceptional academic writing: My PhD supervisors at the University of Melbourne have always praised me for my polished written pieces of work.
• Highly effective delivery method: I am known for delivering lessons with great clarity and the knack for explaining complex concepts. I am highly efficient, so students find that they learn a great deal in a very short time.
• Profound knowledge in a wide range of subjects: I have always strived for extensive knowledge and excellence, which explains why I have done two doctoral degrees in Business Management and Educational Leadership, two Master’s degrees in Education and Marketing, one first degree in TESOL and one reputable Cambridge English Teaching Certificate.
• Impressive grasp of students’ psychology, learning styles, knowledge gaps, strengths, and weaknesses: I have comprehensive knowledge of challenges international students usually encounter and know how to develop effective strategies to help learners who have diverse learning styles and preferences to achieve their academic goals.
• Ideal personality traits: My students rate me as a passionate, extremely enthusiastic and highly motivated teacher/tutor who is caring, considerate, unfailingly cheerful, and culturally sensitive.
• Global outlook: Being a Vietnamese national who has acquired education from France, Australia, and New Zealand, I am a cosmopolitan citizen who is fully aware of cultural diversity and tolerant of differences.
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Tutor:Esther Mares
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Location:Marlborough - Blenheim
Price Range:$20-30 per hour
Education Level:Bachelor Degree
Subject:SpanishLevel:All levels
Subject:DramaLevel:All levels
Tutoring Experience:
I am a certified Native Spanish teacher with more than 5 years of experience teaching in several countries, mostly in Asia.
I use a very natural, fun and interactive method.
- Certificate as a Spanish as a Foreign Language Teacher
- Interactive method
- Speak Language
- Tutor Place (Home or Library etc.)
- Lots of experience
- One to one, groups and online classes
- Classes adapted to your needs

More information about me:
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Tutor:Rohit sachdeva
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Location:Canterbury - Christchurch City
Price Range:$20-30 per hour
Education Level:Graduate/Master Degree
Institute:University of Canterbury
Major:Business Management
Subject:AccountingLevel:All levels
Subject:ManagementLevel:All levels
Subject:FinanceLevel:All levels
Tutoring Experience:
Tutoring experience in Finance, accounting and business management
Experienced tutor in maths, finance, accounting and management
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Tutor:Martin Andrew
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Location:Otago - Dunedin
Price Range:$30-40 per hour
Education Level:Doctoral Degree/Ph.D
Institute:University of Otago
Major:English/ Language/ Writing
Subject:LanguageLevel:All levels
Subject:Academic WritingLevel:All levels
Tutoring Experience:
I have worked as a tutor of English, Academic and Professional Writing and Education for many years.

A graduate of Otago, I've worked internationally as a university lecturer and Foundation level teacher, with special interests in TESOL, Postgraduate and thesis writing, research methodology and essay writing.

I've worked for: The University of Otago, The University of Auckland, the University of Auckland Foundation Studies Programme, Language Studies International, Unitec, Swinburne University Melbourne, Victoria University Melbourne and for IELTS. I am extremely experienced in IELTS but am unable to tell my status online for ethical reasons.

I am able to help students in ANY SUBJECT with their academic writing, report and essay writing, conference preparation, spoken presentations, assignments and theses. I am a specialist in postgraduate studies, but can work with students at any level. I am especially experienced in working with adults and students whose first language is other than English.

I have received a number of distinguished teacher awards across a range of institutions and sectors.

I've returned to New Zealand after a long time teaching abroad, and leading groups of teachers of English and Education.
I hold a range of qualifications including a PhD in English and a wide-ranging BA(Hons). I also hold professional qualifications such as a Cambridge RSA Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, and a Postgraduate Diploma in Language Teaching.

I am able to see you either face to face at my home in Dunedin or at an agreed safe place such as library or a cafe. I'm also available via Skype, so you do not need to be local.

I've worked with students from all over the world, particularly Germany and Vietnam and Australia. I'm a well known face in the teaching of international students.

What I really want to do is help students with their academic writing or their IELTS writing, and this can be done partly online and partly via skype or face to face. You might, for instance, send me your work and I can return it to you with corrections and suggestions. I will not, however, write work for you, but work together with you to ensure you do the best you can on any writing activity.

I have my own webpage and have been a well known and acclaimed tutor, teacher and lecturer, for many years.

Comments from students

[By Gabriela Etcheverry]created: 27 May 2018
Dr Andrew is highly qualified, brilliant and an empathic tutor.
His remarkable knowledge and experience in IELTS gave me truly feedback on where my starting point was and what I needed to do to achieve the score I wanted in two specific components. He is able to offer this kind of specificity in IELTS tutoring due to his impeccable knowledge about any aspect of English Language and his past experience as an IELTS examiner.
What is more, the resources that he offered to do my homework and studying after every lesson were very useful and helped me to improve.
I highly recommend him. He is just brilliant.

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Tutor:Stephanie Cullen
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Location:Canterbury - Christchurch City
Price Range:$20-30 per hour
Education Level:Technical training/Diploma
Institute:South Seas Film and Television School
Subject:EnglishLevel:Secondary(Form 6-7)
Subject:MathsLevel:Secondary(Form 6-7)
Subject:Classics, HistoryLevel:Secondary(Form 6-7)
Tutoring Experience:
I have been tutoring secondary school students in a range of subjects for over four years, during which time I've helped a large number of students achieve better results.
I am currently a student at the University of Canterbury in the final year of my degree. I have been tutoring since I left highschool in a range of subjects, including Maths, English, Classics, History, Science and Chemistry. Although I have tutored many different qualifications, including Cambridge and adult workplace qualifications, I specialise in teaching NCEA and have a familiarity with the system.

I tutor:
ENGLISH to Level 3
MATHS to Level 2
SCIENCE to Level 1 (including science, chemistry, physics and biology papers)
CHEMISTRY to Level 2
CLASSICS to Scholarship
HISTORY to Scholarship

Tutoring can either take place in students homes or in public libraries, and I charge $30 an hour. Contact me through this site or at s. cullen at hotmail. co. nz.
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Tutor:Kevin Chen
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Location:Wellington - Wellington City
Price Range:$20-30 per hour
Education Level:Bachelor Degree
Institute:Australian National University
Major:Actuarial Studies
Subject:MathsLevel:All levels
Subject:EconomicsLevel:All levels
Subject:AU uni entranceLevel:All levels
Tutoring Experience:
Previously tutored maths to other students at Wellington College's maths clinic for 2 years
I'm currently an undergrad student at the Australian National University (ANU), after achieving a 99.75 ATAR rank (top 0.25%) and being awarded the ANU National Merit Scholarship.

I completed all 3 NCEA Levels endorsed with Excellence by Year 12, with a total of 118 Level 3 E credits.

Keen to teach maths (calc/stats), economics, physics, chemistry and chinese at primary or secondary levels (all of which I have excellence endorsements in).

I can also use my experience and knowledge with using NCEA to gain entrance as well as scholarships to Australian universities to help students have the best possible chance of getting into the best AU universities (if interested).

I also sat Cambridge International exams (A-Levels) for maths as part of an extension program, achieving A/A* grades.

I previously tutored maths for 2 years at my high school (Wellington College), so I have some decent experience with tutoring high school students.

Rates and session times/lengths/frequency are very flexible, as well as meeting locations. (living in Karori)

Generally looking at $25-30/hour, contact kevinc9999@gmail for any queries

(In Wellington until Semester 2 starts, in late July)
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Tutor:Tianwei Liu
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Location:Auckland - Auckland City
Price Range:$30-40 per hour
Education Level:Bachelor Degree
Institute:Rice University
Subject:EnglishLevel:All levels
Subject:HistoryLevel:All levels
Subject:SAT, US college appsLevel:All levels
Tutoring Experience:
-NCEA English (3 years)
-ABRSM Music - piano, violin, composition (2 years)
-SAT and college application prep (1 year)
-Public speaking - Model United Nations parliamentary procedure, British Parliamentary debate (4 years)
I'm a 22-year-old student interested in international law, legal theory and European history, all of which I hope to further explore in my studies. I am a recent graduate from Rice University in the United States where I earned an Honors BA in History, specialising in European Intellectual Thought. In late August, I will be going on to earn my JD at New York University School of Law. Since I enjoy both teaching and keeping busy, I'm happy to do tutoring in the meantime.

In high school, I took up to level 2 NCEA (with Excellence), attained Scholarship in English, and level 3 NCEA in performance music, along with taking two full years of the International Baccalaureate (IB).

During my undergraduate years, my primary extracurricular activity was public speaking; I attended debating tournaments both in Europe and throughout the United States, placing in 2017 among the top 40 speakers in the country for Extemporaneous and Persuasive speaking. I love to talk and to engage with others - which is probably also why I love to teach! I consider it both a challenge and a privilege to be able to truly draw a student into a subject. To superficially memorise content for an essay or exam is one thing; to truly engage with a subject is another. While I certainly will be looking to maintain a student's marks, it's that latter engagement that I most care about.

In my downtime, I like reading, spending time catching up with friends, and going for a run around the Epsom area.

Most of my stipulations on this site are negotiable - rates, location, times. Please feel free to contact me, and we can talk about it.
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Tutor:Róisín McCourt
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Location:Canterbury - Christchurch City
Price Range:$20-30 per hour
Education Level:Graduate/Master Degree
Institute:Oxford University
Subject:LanguageLevel:All levels
Subject:LanguageLevel:All levels
Subject:ClassicsLevel:All levels
Tutoring Experience:
I am an experienced private tutor of Latin and Ancient Greek. I am also a qualified and experienced TEFL teacher (English as a Foreign language).
I'm a classics graduate of Oxford University (BA (Hons) Literae Humaniores, 2006) and former holder of the Charles Oldham scholarship and Oriel College collection prize for Latin translation. I'm also an enthusiastic and experienced language teacher.

I would be very happy to hear from anyone looking for a bit of extra help with their Latin and/or Greek (at any level and for any purpose). I would also be happy to hear from complete beginners!

I have a good library of teaching materials and texts and I use original texts at all levels. My teaching style is very student-focused. My aim is always to adapt to your style of learning to allow you to learn in as natural a manner as possible.

I am based in Christchurch Central and would be very happy to come to you. I'm available any time, though preferably at evenings and weekends.
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