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Tutor:Eve Waddington
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Location:Auckland - Auckland City
Price Range:$30-40 per hour
Education Level:College
Institute:Princeton University / Auckland University
Subject:MathsLevel:All levels
Subject:SATLevel:Secondary(Form 6-7)
Subject:GRELevel:Secondary(Form 6-7)
Tutoring Experience:
Hi there,
I have a lot of experience tutoring maths to high school students of all levels in NZ.

I am currently available to help with SAT and GRE preparation in maths.

At the end of high school, I gained admission to Princeton University in the USA (where I am completing a math degree), so I am also available to help anyone with USA college admissions, in particular with navigating and preparing for SAT exams.
While in High School, I also twice represented NZ at the International Math Olympiad (the world's toughest math competition) so I would enjoy helping out anyone interested in improving their problem solving skills, particularly students aiming to make the NZIMO team or do well on other math competitions.
I am a friendly, patient, easy-to-get-along-with tutor. I am currently completing an undergraduate degree in Maths at Princeton University in the US, but am taking time off to gain some work experience. While at high school in NZ I passed NCEA Scholarship exams in Calculus, statistics, physics, economics and French, so am available to tutor these subjects at High school level. I can also tutor Maths to first/second year university level and beyond.
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Tutor:Waheed Khan
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Location:Auckland - Auckland City
Price Range:$20-30 per hour
Education Level:Doctoral Degree/Ph.D
Institute:Quaid I Azam University
Subject:MathsLevel:All levels
Subject:StatisticsLevel:University(Year 1)
Subject:PhysicsLevel:University(Year 2)
Tutoring Experience:
I have taught Engineering Math I & II, Technical Math I & II, Calculus I, II, & III, Linear Algebra, Differential Equations, Numerical Analysis, Statistics, Business Math, Financial Mathematics, Business Mathematics and Statistics at Management Sciences department. Recently, I am tutoring Mathematics and statistics courses at Mathematics NCEA Level 1, 2, 3 (Calculus and Statistics).
My qualification is Ph.D. (Mathematics) which is assessed by NZQA at Level 10. I have more than Twelve years of teaching experience at School, College, tertiary and University Level. My teaching experience includes more than one year of Teaching at the Glasgow Caledonian College University of Engineering (Affiliated with Glasgow University), Sultanate of Oman.
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Tutor:Alex Lee
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Location:Auckland - Waitakere City
Price Range:$20-30 per hour
Education Level:Graduate/Master Degree
Major:Mathematics, Accounting & Finance
Subject:MathsLevel:All levels
Subject:EnglishLevel:All levels
Tutoring Experience:
- Tutoring Experience with Kumon Education centre - Completed
- Tutoring Experience of over 8 years with Community groups and private classes
- Ex student of student of Australia and New Zealand tutoring centre
I can help with mathematics in the levels: Primary to secondary NCEA level 1,2 and 3.
Hi there, I'm Alex, and I have a passion in helping you make the mathematical calculations that are important for your exams and grades.
Math and english skills are essential stepping stones towards your university entrance and your future.
I can provide private one on one tutoring at your place or at mine, I can also do group tutoring.

I have:

- Advanced student awards and the Ability to Speak Languages: English and Chinese

If you have any questions, feel free to ask and I will do my best to help.
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Tutor:Mohammad Sazzad Mosharrof
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Location:Auckland - Auckland City
Price Range:$30-40 per hour
Education Level:Graduate/Master Degree
Major:Mechanical Engineering
Subject:EngineeringLevel:All levels
Subject:PhysicsLevel:All levels
Subject:MathsLevel:All levels
Tutoring Experience:
Currently tutoring Mathematics in AUT
Previously, tutored Cambridge mathematics and physics
I am a PhD student of AUT. At the same time tutoring Mathematics in AUT. I am well aware of high school math and physics content and tutored math and physics before. I can help with the following courses:

1. Cambridge Physics, Mathematics
2. NCAE Physics, Mathematics (all levels)
3. Mechanical engineering courses:
Mechanics, Fluid mechanics, Solid mechanics/strength of materials etc.
4. Tertiary level mathematics:
Differential equations, Calculus, Fourier Series, Laplace transformation etc.
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Tutor:Ken Ishii
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Location:Auckland - Auckland City
Price Range:$10-20 per hour
Education Level:Bachelor Degree
Institute:Kwansei Gakuin University(Japan)
Subject:MathsLevel:All levels
Subject:JapaneseLevel:All levels
Tutoring Experience:
When I was in Japan, I was a tutorial teacher and taught Maths to high school students.
Hi, I'm Ken from Japan.
I have a bachelor degree of Science(major:Mathematics).
I teach Maths and Japanese.
I can teach math to person who wants to learn from basic math to high level math.
I can teach math in Japanese. Therefore I am so useful for you if you want to learn Japanese and maths.

I can deal flexibly with the place and time that I teach.

Please contact me by text.
Don't hesitate to ask me.

021 0263 5523
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Tutor:Sherif Adel
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Location:Auckland - Auckland City
Price Range:$40-50 per hour
Education Level:Doctoral Degree/Ph.D
Major:Mechanical engineering
Subject:MathsLevel:All levels
Subject:PhysicsLevel:All levels
Subject:EngineeringLevel:All levels
Tutoring Experience:

All levels of Mathematics/Mechanics
Math I: Differentiation and Geometry
Math II: Integration and Matrices
Math III: Differential Equations, Laplace Transform and Fourier Series.
Mechanics I: Statics
Mechanics II: Dynamics
Physics I
Physics II

Professional in Maths for 13 years, previously worked as a teaching assistant at Cairo University, Egypt
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Tutor:Pony Ma
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Location:Auckland - Auckland City
Price Range:$10-20 per hour
Education Level:Graduate/Master Degree
Subject:MathLevel:Secondary(Form 6-7)
Subject:MandarinLevel:All levels
Subject:CFALevel:All levels
Tutoring Experience:
Teach my friends pass CFA level 1.
Teach Mandarin.
I have passed CFA level 1 last year and I was university broadcaster in China before. I can teach high school math, finance, basic accounting and Mandarin.
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Tutor:Chanchal Bala
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Location:Auckland - Auckland City
Price Range:$10-20 per hour
Education Level:Graduate/Master Degree
Institute:SGGS khalsa College
Major:Punjab University
Subject:MathsLevel:Secondary(Form 6-7)
Subject:StatisticsLevel:Secondary(Form 6-7)
Tutoring Experience:
Teaching Experience :

Shri Hajari Lal sarvhitkari vidya mandir school, Chandigarh
Math Teacher(Vlll,lX,X , CBSE, PSE Board)
Math practice sections
 Taking extra lectures for the students who missed any.
 Managing the student record and attendance
 Preparing solution sets
 Paper correction
 Monthly parents meeting.
Private tuter (Mathematics)
 Helping students to solve difficult topics
 Take regular test
 Make assignments for their exams
I have done Bsc and Msc in Mathmatics. I can help you with maths and statistics. I can speak and teach English, Hindi and Punjabi languages.
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Tutor:Ali Zaidi
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Location:Auckland - North Shore
Price Range:$20-30 per hour
Education Level:Doctoral Degree/Ph.D
Subject:MathsLevel:All levels
Tutoring Experience:
I have taught Calculus, Business mathematics, NCEA math, Differential equations, Numerical Analysis, Linear Algebra, Discrete Mathematics and many other subjects over the last 7 years.
I could help you with:
-your assignments
I am currently enrolled as a PhD Mathematics candidate at Massey University. I can help with assignments of all mathematics subjects at University and Secondary school levels. e.g Calculus, Linear Algebra, Technology Mathematics, Discrete mathematics, Numerical Analysis etc.
- Northshore and CBD Auckland
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Tutor:matlabassignmenthelp assignmenthelp
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Location:Auckland - Auckland City
Price Range:$30-40 per hour
Education Level:Doctoral Degree/Ph.D
Institute:Sydney Australia
Subject:ChemistryLevel:All levels
Subject:BiologyLevel:All levels
Subject:EngineeringLevel:All levels
Tutoring Experience:
5 Yer

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Available every time 24x7 hour rounds the clock for all grades and levels for Online Math Tutoring. Our team of Mathematics experts equipped with PhD and Masters can help on a wide range of Math assignment,

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