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Tutor:Kasin MOHAMMAD
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Location:Auckland - Auckland City
Price Range:$30-40 per hour
Education Level:Doctoral Degree/Ph.D
Institute:Massey University
Subject:ManagementLevel:All levels
Subject:EconomicsLevel:All levels
Subject:Finance, ResearchLevel:All levels
Tutoring Experience:
more than 10 years in New Zealand and Middle East Universities (Saudi Arabia and Jordan universities)
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- More than three years at Massey University and 5 years in Saudi Arabia Universities
-Tutor and then lecturer to wide range of management-related courses/papers; research methodology, finance, economics...
-supervising PhD and Master researches/thesis
- Teaching in both Arabic and English Languages
-Flexible teaching/tutorial hours/days and can access most places in New Zealand
- effectively help in understanding and research methodology and graduation projects; and in Master and PhD thesis in Management

- Member of many academic journals (as an editor)
- Trainer for management related courses and in presentation and preparation for seminars and oral exams

- Consultant for academic and study affairs

- helpful and considerate

- Academic adviser for several years in New Zealand

- No contract needed, $30 per hour, flexible to meet your schedule

- Taught under- and post-graduates (MBAs and PhD) at universities and colleges
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