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Tutor:Stephen McAtamney
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Location:Canterbury - Christchurch City
Price Range:$30-40 per hour
Education Level:Graduate/Master Degree
Institute:Birmingham University
Major:Teaching English Second Language
Subject:EnglishLevel:All levels
Tutoring Experience:
4 Years in Conversation schools in Japan
6 Years in a private elementary school in Hiroshima, Japan
7 Years in a private secondary school in Tokyo, Japan
2 years in a British school in Quito, Ecuador
Hello !
I have had 19 years experience teaching English as a second language, mostly in Japan. I lived in Tochigi, Minami Ashigara, Hiroshima and Tokyo. I have taught all ages and levels and always have had excellent feedback and reports from my students and teachers observing my classes. Although I believe in just using English in my classes, I do speak conversational Japanese if we get stuck on something. I teach at a pace that suits you, and I always set a learning goal for the next lesson.

I live in Christchurch with a vehicle, so I'm happy to teach in any location that suits you
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