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Tutor:Aiswarya Kovanur kesava
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Location:Otago - Dunedin
Price Range:$10-20 per hour
Education Level:Bachelor Degree
Institute:Annamalai university
Major:Bachelor of dentistry
Subject:BiologyLevel:All levels
Subject:LanguageLevel:All levels
Subject:Dentistry subjectsLevel:All levels
Tutoring Experience:
Have Experience of teaching and seminar presentation during my internship(BDS).
Presented in conferences (Local and national)
Aish, An Indian dentist preparing for registration!

*Can teach Biology and Dentistry related subjects
*Soft spoken, understanding, reliable and passionate towards teaching
* Make teaching plans according to the needs of each student
*Provide complete support,friendly atmosphere, problem solving strategies, working on the weak point, motivate students, communicate with parents on progression and giving mock tests!
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Tutor:Shaylen MacGregor
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Location:Bay of Plenty - Rotorua
Price Range:$10-20 per hour
Education Level:High school
Institute:Western Heights High School
Subject:HistoryLevel:Secondary(Form 3-5)
Tutoring Experience:
I have not yet had any tutoring experience, but you've got to start somewhere (:
I am in the top classes for every subject in school, as I always have been. My best subjects include Spanish, History, English and Science.
I am in form 5 (year 11) at the moment, however last year I did advanced classes and gained 83 level one credits a year earlier than normal. I think personally that I can teach well, and I apire to be either a teacher or go into medicine/dentistry when I leave school. I'd love to help someone learn for a low price! (:
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Tutor:Jim Han
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Location:Auckland - Auckland City
Price Range:$10-20 per hour
Education Level:Bachelor Degree
Institute:University of Otago
Major:Dental Surgery
Subject:ChemistryLevel:All levels
Subject:BiologyLevel:All levels
Subject:PhysicsLevel:All levels
Tutoring Experience:
Currently tutoring 1 high school student.
I am currently studying Dentistry at University of Otago.

My services are highly suitable for any high school student pursuing a future as a medical professional.

I have a Good Education Background:
-"A Grades" in Cambridge IGCSE/AS/A/A2 Level:
Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Mathematics with Mechanics, English Literature
-"A Grades" in University of Otago First Year Health Sciences (Competitive undergraduate entry into Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Physiotherapy and Medical Laboratory Science)

Each session (approximately 2-3 hours) would include:
-1-on-1 tutorial on specific topics as indicated by the students current year curriculum syllabus on Chemistry/Biology/Physics
-practice exercises to stimulate learnt material
-discussion of difficulties and any questions student may have and how to overcome them
-assign homework to be completed and revised by next session


Teaching methods would be based on methods that I have used and proved successful myself during my studies to become a medical professional. This will teach the student to become very organized and efficient in their studies.

Also available to discuss with parents and students that have any enquiries on specific pathways and courses required (ie. workload, UMAT, required grades etc.) to gain entry to a health professional course at University of Otago.

Tutoring times will be Monday to Saturday until March 2013 when summer holiday finishes

Available to come to you at your home if you live in central auckland region,
Otherwise will be at my own home in Mt Eden.
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Tutor:Jin Gao
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Location:Auckland - North Shore
Price Range:$30-40 per hour
Education Level:High school
Institute:University of Auckland
Major:Bachelor of medicine and bachelor of surgery
Subject:BiologyLevel:University(Year 1)
Subject:BiologyLevel:Secondary(Form 6-7)
Subject:ScienceLevel:Secondary(Form 3-5)
Tutoring Experience:
I have had experience in one-on-one tutoring for NCEA level 2 and 3 students in mathematics and biology and i am also currently working as a tutor for Northshore development center tutoring 5th form maths and science as well as form 2 maths and science.

I have also had experience tutoring premed students in preparation for their interviews as well as helping students with their personal statements (both for medicine and dentistry)
I am a 4th year student at the University of Auckland who is studying Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery after completing a year of biomedical science or 'premed.'

Having completed NCEA level 1, 2 and 3, I have a good understanding of how the system works and also what it takes to get those excellences!!!

I have sat and received NCEA scholarship awards for calculus, physics and an outstanding scholarship award for biology. 7th formers wishing to get extra help for scholarship exams will also benefit from my tutoring.

Biomed or pre-med is extremely competitive, I know what is required to achieve the grades required for entry into medicine. I will also be able to offer tutoring for those preparing for the UMAT and also pass on valuable advice on writing the personal statement and preparation for the interview.

I am an approachable, patient and also reliable person with a range of interests which allow me to relate well with students.

***Having gone through what you are probably going through now, I will be able to create a method that suits you!!!***

(I prefer to tutor one-on-one but groups of up to 3 students is fine by me :)
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