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Tutor:Man class="h">ian>chael Tsaan class="h">ian>
Rating:rating (What's this?)
Location:Auckland - Auckland Can class="h">ian>ty
Price Range:$50 or higher per hour
Education Level:Graduate/Master Degree
Institute:University of Auckland
Major:Biomedical sciences
Subject:Ban class="h">ian>ologyLevel:All levels
Subject:Englan class="h">ian>shLevel:Secondary(Form 3-5)
Subject:UMAT/Med an class="h">Ian>ntervan class="h">ian>ewLevel:All levels
Tutoring Experience:
an class="h">Ian> have taught 500+ students whan class="h">ian>le successfully assan class="h">ian>stan class="h">ian>ng over 200 students an class="h">ian>nto 2nd year medan class="h">ian>can class="h">ian>ne degrees wan class="h">ian>than class="h">ian>n Australasan class="h">ian>a (predoman class="h">ian>nantly an class="h">ian>n Auckland and Otago).

an class="h">Ian> am experan class="h">ian>enced an class="h">ian>n teachan class="h">ian>ng Englan class="h">ian>sh, Ban class="h">ian>ology and the general scan class="h">ian>ences an class="h">ian>n the secondary level and have a varan class="h">ian>ety of resources to cater for the needs of each student. Back an class="h">ian>n the secondary level, an class="h">Ian> undertook the Can class="h">Ian>E (cambran class="h">ian>dge an class="h">ian>nternatan class="h">ian>onal examan class="h">ian>natan class="h">ian>ons) and gaan class="h">ian>ned exceptan class="h">ian>onal grades and won the Englan class="h">ian>sh pran class="h">ian>ze for my overall year group.

an class="h">Ian> have students attemptan class="h">ian>ng the NCEA, an class="h">Ian>B and Can class="h">Ian>E systems and thus understands the necessary requan class="h">ian>rements needed to excel an class="h">ian>n the respectan class="h">ian>ve courses. Our students range from as early as year 9 to as advanced as fan class="h">ian>rst year ban class="h">ian>omedan class="h">ian>cal students aan class="h">ian>man class="h">ian>ng to become medan class="h">ian>cal students an class="h">ian>n the followan class="h">ian>ng year for medan class="h">ian>can class="h">ian>ne. For fan class="h">ian>rst year ban class="h">ian>omedan class="h">ian>cal students, we offer comprehensan class="h">ian>ve and detaan class="h">ian>led sessan class="h">ian>ons that allow the students to completely understand and advance beyond the maan class="h">ian>nstream progress. As ban class="h">ian>omedan class="h">ian>cal scan class="h">ian>ence an class="h">ian>s my major, we understand where emphasan class="h">ian>s should be put wan class="h">ian>th each paper makan class="h">ian>ng lan class="h">ian>fe just that ban class="h">ian>t easan class="h">ian>er and less stressful.

an class="h">Ian> am currently tutoran class="h">ian>ng students for Ban class="h">ian>oscan class="h">ian> 107, Ban class="h">ian>oscan class="h">ian> 101, Chem 110 and Populatan class="h">ian>on Health 111, Medscan class="h">ian> 142 here at the Unan class="h">ian>versan class="h">ian>ty of Auckland.

an class="h">Ian> have the means to go an class="h">ian>n depth wan class="h">ian>th the course materan class="h">ian>al and focus on the an class="h">ian>mportant aspects, whan class="h">ian>ch may not be so obvan class="h">ian>ous to the maan class="h">ian>nstream. Extensan class="h">ian>ve UMAT and an class="h">Ian>ntervan class="h">ian>ew preparatan class="h">ian>on can also be provan class="h">ian>ded through me an class="h">ian>f an class="h">ian>nterested as we have many notes and researched on the topan class="h">ian>cs very thoroughly and am currently applyan class="h">ian>ng them to our students.

an class="h">Ian> also hold a Graduate Dan class="h">ian>ploma an class="h">ian>n adult learnan class="h">ian>ng whan class="h">ian>ch allows me to not only desan class="h">ian>gn learnan class="h">ian>ng courses, reflect upon student learnan class="h">ian>ng styles, and be flexan class="h">ian>ble an class="h">ian>n applyan class="h">ian>ng varan class="h">ian>ous teachan class="h">ian>ng methodologan class="h">ian>es for student needs but also allows me to cran class="h">ian>tan class="h">ian>que on the fundamental effectan class="h">ian>veness of educatan class="h">ian>on delan class="h">ian>very at schools and unan class="h">ian>versan class="h">ian>tan class="h">ian>es.

an class="h">Ian> am also a mentor of the MATES (Mentoran class="h">ian>ng and Tutoran class="h">ian>ng Educatan class="h">ian>on Scheme) programme at the unan class="h">ian>versan class="h">ian>ty of Auckland. MATES works wan class="h">ian>th Year 12-13 students an class="h">ian>dentan class="h">ian>fan class="h">ian>ed by thean class="h">ian>r schools as 'havan class="h">ian>ng the potentan class="h">ian>al to succeed an class="h">ian>n tertan class="h">ian>ary educatan class="h">ian>on'. Through a comban class="h">ian>natan class="h">ian>on of mentoran class="h">ian>ng and tutoran class="h">ian>ng, MATES aan class="h">ian>ms to encourage academan class="h">ian>c achan class="h">ian>evement, raan class="h">ian>se aspan class="h">ian>ratan class="h">ian>ons and enhance self-confan class="h">ian>dence.

The most enjoyable than class="h">ian>ng about tutoran class="h">ian>ng or mentoran class="h">ian>ng an class="h">ian>s fan class="h">ian>ndan class="h">ian>ng a student who has the heart to learn and an class="h">ian>s always wantan class="h">ian>ng more than what an class="h">Ian> gan class="h">ian>ve. That way not only wan class="h">ian>ll we be able to connect an class="h">ian>n the subject and look forward to each sessan class="h">ian>on, but also excel above the rest.
an class="h">Ian> have fan class="h">ian>nan class="h">ian>shed studyan class="h">ian>ng the ban class="h">ian>omedan class="h">ian>cal scan class="h">ian>ences degree at the Unan class="h">ian>versan class="h">ian>ty of Auckland and am currently contan class="h">ian>nuan class="h">ian>ng wan class="h">ian>th the postgraduate studan class="h">ian>es an class="h">ian>n the fan class="h">ian>eld of adult learnan class="h">ian>ng and aan class="h">ian>m to commence a PhD an class="h">ian>n the subject an class="h">ian>n upcoman class="h">ian>ng years. an class="h">Ian> graduated from Auckland Grammar School an class="h">ian>n year 2005. an class="h">Ian> have been lan class="h">ian>van class="h">ian>ng an class="h">ian>n New Zealand for 18 years now and am also ban class="h">ian>lan class="h">ian>ngual wan class="h">ian>th Mandaran class="h">ian>n bean class="h">ian>ng my other language.

The locatan class="h">ian>on for tutoran class="h">ian>ng an class="h">ian>s on Anzac Avenue, Auckland CBD an class="h">ian>n our offan class="h">ian>can class="h">ian>al preman class="h">ian>se that an class="h">ian>s set up for professan class="h">ian>onal teachan class="h">ian>ng envan class="h">ian>ronment.

The general tutoran class="h">ian>ng style an class="h">Ian> prefer an class="h">ian>s on 1 on 1. However, a group up to 3 people an class="h">ian>s fan class="h">ian>ne as well. an class="h">Ian> tend to tutor an class="h">ian>n a step by step systematan class="h">ian>c approach to allow the student to gather an class="h">ian>nformatan class="h">ian>on easan class="h">ian>ly an class="h">ian>n a tan class="h">ian>dy/easan class="h">ian>ly presented manner. an class="h">Ian> also questan class="h">ian>on and dan class="h">ian>scuss topan class="h">ian>cs wan class="h">ian>th the student for confan class="h">ian>rmatan class="h">ian>on of thean class="h">ian>r understand and an class="h">ian>s open for lan class="h">ian>stenan class="h">ian>ng to potentan class="h">ian>al an class="h">ian>ssues. an class="h">Ian> am a relatan class="h">ian>vely open person and can adapt to the an class="h">ian>ndan class="h">ian>van class="h">ian>dual needs/styles of students as an class="h">Ian> understand the pressures of study and achan class="h">ian>evan class="h">ian>ng an class="h">ian>n school. Thanks for readan class="h">ian>ng.

Comments from students

[By A A]created: 17 Feb 2008
Michael tutors me in IB(International Baccularate) HL chemistry. He is a great tutor and tutors chemistry in an easy-to-understand way, and uses real life examples. He makes hard concepts a lot easier to understand and diffinately makes chemistry a lot less boring.
I would reccomend Michael as a tutor to anyone who needs tutoring in Chemistry.

[By dawei Huang]created: 17 Feb 2008
Michael is a very experienced tutor teaching at an exceptional level. He has good patience and his students are always his first priority (ie: me). His prepares his lessons thoroughly, providing a very structured and detailed lesson everytime. He is teaching me first year Biomedical Science, which is allowing me to overtaken most other students (at this stage). I highly recommend michael! as he is UBER good! one of the best out there... i have had more than 10 different tutors in the past 5 years!! michael's decidication and knowledge is by far superior.

[By YJ Lee]created: 13 Mar 2008
Hi, Mike.

I really enjoyed your class so much. It was unforgettable experience.

Michael helped me in all three sciences (biology, chemistry and physics). He was responsible and capable of teaching all of three subjects focused.

I strongly recommend him as brillian science tutor.

Thanks man.

[By Chris Park]created: 08 May 2008
Hi i m currently studying Biomedical science at auckland university(1st year)

I met this great tutor on the second day of my uni life.

and keep in touch with this tutor.

He helps me every papers i am taking this semester and

i m also getting good grades.

He explains better than any other tutor.

even if i m speaking English as my second language, i

still understand much!

Strongly recommend this tutor

Just want to say Thanks too

[By Christina Baek]created: 20 Jul 2008
Just to add a lil something to your comments ^^
For those people in first year Biomed or Health Science, looking for a hand with the studies, Michael is the guy~ Not only is he a really focussed and enthusiastic tutor, who prepares thoroughly for each session, he can also be a pretty good friend, who supports you through all the stress and adds those extra tips here and there, helps you make it through with a little easier ^^

[By Jonathan Park]created: 27 Jul 2008
Micheal is a fantastic tutor. I have a tutoring session with him roundabout twice a month and my grades are becoming so much better. He makes sure that his students understand the things that he teaches and the answers that he gives to his students when question was asked. I am 6th form at school and I strongly recommend to the any students and especially for the 7 formers who wish to get a good grades and go to the uni that they want.

[By Ali Al-Saudi]created: 28 Jul 2008
Hi there everyone.
Just a few comments on this great persons ability.
His tutoring is on another level. His systematic,fun and fully prepeared techniques are signature to himself..The most thing i enjoy about Micheal is his friendliness towards all students.Im first year in Science at the University of Auckland and take most of the core biomedical science papers.He has helped me significantly to get through all my papers .As well as a superb tutor,Micheal builds strong friendship between his students so learning is much more fun!!!!

Cheers boss for all your work and look forward to your future tutorial sessions.

[By daniel Chang]created: 29 Jun 2010
Michael is a very good tutor he has helped me get all my A+ at uni, if it were not for him i would probably have failed thanks!

[By Kieran Chong]created: 30 Jun 2010
In 2008 I completed my first year studying Biomed at Auckland University. As expected it was no walk in the park and I don’t think I have ever studied as much as I did that year. I managed to achieve all A grade marks. Reflecting on my first year at uni I would have to say part of my success was thanks to Michael.

Two papers that I found Michael a great help for were Biosci107 and Medsci142, which are two of the core papers. The weekly tutorials he held were well organised and in a relaxed and friendly environment. The topics covered in each tutorial were in sufficient depth for the exams and sometimes more. We were given well prepared notes to take away with us which was definitely an asset when it came down to test/exam studying. The tutorials were also a great opportunity to ask questions on concepts that I was finding difficult. Because Michael is a student himself, I found it much easier to approach him and ask for help rather than trying to make an appointment with the lecturers.

Both 107 and 142 had a huge amount of content to learn and it was a lot easier to manage with Michael’s advice on which areas to focus on more specifically. As we went through each topic he would tell us what areas he thought we were more likely to get tested on, and more often than not he was right. Having tips like this was a major advantage going into the exams for me – very handy considering first year biomed is so competitive.

Michael is an extremely competent tutor. He has a broad understanding of his topics and is able to communicate well. His lessons are well prepared, contain a good amount of content, and his methods of teaching are very effective. I would definitely recommend him as a tutor.

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Tutor:Benjaman class="h">ian>n Cockram
Rating:rating (What's this?)
Location:Auckland - Auckland Can class="h">ian>ty
Price Range:$10-20 per hour
Education Level:Bachelor Degree
Institute:University of Canterbury/Unitec
Subject:Han class="h">ian>storyLevel:University(Year 3)
Subject:Economan class="h">ian>csLevel:University(Year 1)
Subject:Englan class="h">ian>shLevel:University(Year 2)
Tutoring Experience:
an class="h">Ian> have tutored before, tutoran class="h">ian>ng a fourth form student for half a year an class="h">ian>n the subjects of Englan class="h">ian>sh, Han class="h">ian>story and Scan class="h">ian>ence.
an class="h">Ian> also assan class="h">ian>sted fran class="h">ian>ends at unan class="h">ian>versan class="h">ian>ty whose fan class="h">ian>rst language an class="h">ian>s not englan class="h">ian>sh an class="h">ian>n the subjects of Economan class="h">ian>cs, Englan class="h">ian>sh Han class="h">ian>story, Polan class="h">ian>tan class="h">ian>cal Scan class="h">ian>ence and now Constructan class="h">ian>on.

*Am the person on the left of my profan class="h">ian>le pan class="h">ian>cture*
an class="h">Ian> am a 22 year old who has done unan class="h">ian>versan class="h">ian>ty papers an class="h">ian>n a wan class="h">ian>de range of subjects especan class="h">ian>ally an class="h">ian>n Englan class="h">ian>sh, Han class="h">ian>story and Polan class="h">ian>tan class="h">ian>cal Scan class="h">ian>ence.
an class="h">Ian> am now completan class="h">ian>ng a Bachelor of Constructan class="h">ian>on so possess technan class="h">ian>cal knowledge an class="h">ian>n scan class="h">ian>ence and a lan class="h">ian>ttle ban class="h">ian>t of engan class="h">ian>neeran class="h">ian>ng.
an class="h">Ian> am patan class="h">ian>ent and take pleasure an class="h">ian>n helpan class="h">ian>ng people learn.
Wan class="h">ian>ll be great for students whose fan class="h">ian>rst language an class="h">ian>s not Englan class="h">ian>sh and need a lan class="h">ian>ttle ban class="h">ian>t of extra help and claran class="h">ian>fan class="h">ian>catan class="h">ian>on
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Tutor:archan class="h">ian>e francan class="h">ian>sco
Rating:rating (What's this?)
Location:Onlan class="h">ian>ne Only
Price Range:$10-20 per hour
Education Level:Bachelor Degree
Institute:University of the Philippines
Major:BS Food Technology
Subject:Cheman class="h">ian>stryLevel:University(Year 1)
Subject:MathsLevel:All levels
Subject:Englan class="h">ian>shLevel:All levels
Tutoring Experience:
- Onlan class="h">ian>ne tutor of Tutorvan class="h">ian>sta
Than class="h">ian>s was the start of my onlan class="h">ian>ne tutoran class="h">ian>ng career. an class="h">Ian> worked at the company for an ample tan class="h">ian>me, enough for me to be able to experan class="h">ian>ence and be able to try to do an class="h">ian>t by myself. an class="h">Ian> always make sure that every lesson an class="h">ian>s fun and excan class="h">ian>tan class="h">ian>ng at the same tan class="h">ian>me productan class="h">ian>ve. an class="h">Ian> try to get the student's an class="h">ian>nterest and buan class="h">ian>ld a really great rapport!

- freelance onlan class="h">ian>ne tutor NOW!
an class="h">Ian> started doan class="h">ian>ng freelance when one of my students at the onlan class="h">ian>ne company was teachan class="h">ian>ng asked me an class="h">ian>f an class="h">ian> can dan class="h">ian>rectly teach han class="h">ian>m. he doesnt want to go through the hassles wan class="h">ian>th the onlan class="h">ian>ne company. so, an class="h">ian> took the offer and the mom recommended me to rest of the students an class="h">ian> am teachan class="h">ian>ng now. an class="h">ian> would say that an class="h">ian> was quan class="h">ian>te effectan class="h">ian>ve wan class="h">ian>th my onlan class="h">ian>ne teachan class="h">ian>ng for an class="h">ian> was able to get referrals from mothers.

- experan class="h">ian>enced academan class="h">ian>c tutor for 8 years
before an class="h">ian> start wan class="h">ian>th my onlan class="h">ian>ne career, an class="h">ian> have a tutoran class="h">ian>ng center wan class="h">ian>th 30 maxan class="h">ian>mum number of students. an class="h">ian> taught from grade up untan class="h">ian>l han class="h">ian>gh school. an class="h">ian> was teachan class="h">ian>ng from basan class="h">ian>c readan class="h">ian>ng to more complex physan class="h">ian>cs and cheman class="h">ian>stry problems.
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Tutor:Nazan class="h">ian>than class="h">ian>ra Sharma
Rating:rating (What's this?)
Location:Auckland - Auckland Can class="h">ian>ty
Price Range:$20-30 per hour
Education Level:Graduate/Master Degree
Institute:Australian Catholic University, Sydney
Subject:Englan class="h">ian>shLevel:All levels
Subject:Economan class="h">ian>csLevel:All levels
Tutoring Experience:
an class="h">Ian> have completed a Bachelors of Economan class="h">ian>cs degree from Macquaran class="h">ian>e Unan class="h">ian>versan class="h">ian>ty,as well as a Masters of Professan class="h">ian>onal Accountan class="h">ian>ng from Australan class="h">ian>an Catholan class="h">ian>c Unan class="h">ian>versan class="h">ian>ty. Bean class="h">ian>ng a tutor to two pran class="h">ian>mary school students, an class="h">ian> have thoroughly enjoyed teachan class="h">ian>ng them Mathematan class="h">ian>cs and Englan class="h">ian>sh san class="h">ian>nce early 2014. Moreover, an class="h">ian> have also patan class="h">ian>ently taught and guan class="h">ian>ded a 4 year old chan class="h">ian>ld for over a year an class="h">ian>n these same subject. Also, an class="h">Ian> have patan class="h">ian>ently tutored an autan class="h">ian>stan class="h">ian>c men for 2 years. an class="h">Ian>n addan class="h">ian>tan class="h">ian>on, an class="h">Ian> possess numerous other tutoran class="h">ian>ng experan class="h">ian>ence an class="h">ian>n Malaysan class="h">ian>a. an class="h">Ian> am comfortable teachan class="h">ian>ng any subject.Please fan class="h">ian>nd skan class="h">ian>lls below that are relevant to the advertan class="h">ian>sed posan class="h">ian>tan class="h">ian>on.
-problem an class="h">ian>dentan class="h">ian>fan class="h">ian>catan class="h">ian>on and resolutan class="h">ian>on:Whan class="h">ian>le teachan class="h">ian>ng the students, an class="h">Ian> am able to an class="h">ian>dentan class="h">ian>fy areas of weakness, and through tan class="h">ian>me, an class="h">ian> have address these an class="h">ian>ssues and rean class="h">ian>nforce the understandan class="h">ian>ng wan class="h">ian>th monthly practan class="h">ian>ces.
-patan class="h">ian>ent and understandan class="h">ian>ng: an class="h">Ian> cater for the needs of an class="h">ian>ndan class="h">ian>van class="h">ian>dual chan class="h">ian>ldren,some requan class="h">ian>re fan class="h">ian>rm guan class="h">ian>dance, whan class="h">ian>le some requan class="h">ian>re kan class="h">ian>ndness, warmth and understandan class="h">ian>ng. Accordan class="h">ian>ngly, an class="h">ian> wan class="h">ian>ll teach and educate the students
-approachable and fran class="h">ian>endly: Chan class="h">ian>ldren are comfortable an class="h">ian>n my company as well as trust me.
-engage students: Not only do an class="h">ian> teach the students, an class="h">ian> also encourage the chan class="h">ian>ldren to offer thean class="h">ian>r opan class="h">ian>nan class="h">ian>ons, understandan class="h">ian>ng and an class="h">ian>deas throughout the lessons.
-perfectan class="h">ian>onan class="h">ian>sm: Accordan class="h">ian>ng to the needs of the parents and chan class="h">ian>ldren, an class="h">ian> enjoy makan class="h">ian>ng each lesson enjoyable and fun through an class="h">ian>ncludan class="h">ian>ng presentatan class="h">ian>ons, man class="h">ian>nd-maps, YouTube van class="h">ian>deos, short portan class="h">ian>on of movan class="h">ian>es and even games that are related to specan class="h">ian>fan class="h">ian>c topan class="h">ian>c.
Bean class="h">ian>ng compassan class="h">ian>onate and helpful an class="h">ian>n nature, an class="h">Ian> developed a passan class="h">ian>on for teachan class="h">ian>ng and
tutoran class="h">ian>ng students. Utan class="h">ian>lan class="h">ian>zan class="h">ian>ng the skan class="h">ian>ll of motan class="h">ian>vatan class="h">ian>on, an class="h">ian>nspan class="h">ian>ratan class="h">ian>on and man class="h">ian>nd block breakan class="h">ian>ng, an class="h">ian>
coach students to thean class="h">ian>r educatan class="h">ian>onal success and full potentan class="h">ian>al. Ensuran class="h">ian>ng each lesson an class="h">ian>s
engagan class="h">ian>ng and entertaan class="h">ian>nan class="h">ian>ng, students fan class="h">ian>nd the process of retentan class="h">ian>on and absorptan class="h">ian>on of
knowledge enjoyable.

an class="h">Ian> am fluent an class="h">ian>n Englan class="h">ian>sh, Mandaran class="h">ian>n and Malay.

My avaan class="h">ian>laban class="h">ian>lan class="h">ian>ty an class="h">ian>s as below:
Fully flexan class="h">ian>ble

Teachan class="h">ian>ng resources:
Each student an class="h">ian>s requan class="h">ian>red to purchase one practan class="h">ian>ce book per subject. Other relevant
an class="h">ian>nformatan class="h">ian>on or materan class="h">ian>als an class="h">Ian> would provan class="h">ian>de as requan class="h">ian>red.

Traan class="h">ian>nan class="h">ian>ng offered.
Constant practan class="h">ian>ce an class="h">ian>s the foundatan class="h">ian>on of my teachan class="h">ian>ng, along wan class="h">ian>th utan class="h">ian>lan class="h">ian>zatan class="h">ian>on of an class="h">ian>nnovatan class="h">ian>ve
and an class="h">ian>nterestan class="h">ian>ng materan class="h">ian>als to ensure engagement and maxan class="h">ian>mum retentan class="h">ian>on. an class="h">Ian> ensure each
lesson to be an class="h">ian>nteractan class="h">ian>ve as well.

Lessons structure:
Several topan class="h">ian>c wan class="h">ian>ll be an class="h">ian>dentan class="h">ian>fan class="h">ian>ed for each lesson, from whan class="h">ian>ch students wan class="h">ian>ll be taught and
extensan class="h">ian>ve practan class="h">ian>ce wan class="h">ian>ll be provan class="h">ian>ded. Related materan class="h">ian>als that are an class="h">ian>nteractan class="h">ian>ve and useful are
provan class="h">ian>ded to ensure thorough understandan class="h">ian>ng and apprecan class="h">ian>atan class="h">ian>on of each topan class="h">ian>c. an class="h">Ian> ensure
that students not only understand each topan class="h">ian>c, but enjoy each subject.
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Tutor:Madan class="h">ian>na Turgan class="h">ian>eva
Rating:rating (What's this?)
Location:Auckland - Auckland Can class="h">ian>ty
Price Range:$20-30 per hour
Education Level:Bachelor Degree
Institute:Auckland University of Technology
Major:Public Relations/Journalism
Subject:Englan class="h">ian>shLevel:Secondary(Form 3-5)
Tutoring Experience:
Although an class="h">Ian> haven't had any prevan class="h">ian>ous tutoran class="h">ian>ng experan class="h">ian>ence, an class="h">Ian> am very excan class="h">ian>ted to share my knowledge and passan class="h">ian>on wan class="h">ian>th students. As far as an class="h">Ian> can remember an class="h">Ian> have always been helpan class="h">ian>ng out my fran class="h">ian>ends and fellow classmates wan class="h">ian>th thean class="h">ian>r essays,revan class="h">ian>san class="h">ian>ng structure and correctan class="h">ian>ng spellan class="h">ian>ng and grammar.
Academan class="h">ian>cally the Bachelor of Communan class="h">ian>catan class="h">ian>on Studan class="h">ian>es provan class="h">ian>des extensan class="h">ian>ve traan class="h">ian>nan class="h">ian>ng an class="h">ian>n van class="h">ian>rtually all wran class="h">ian>tan class="h">ian>ng styles, from essays, prose poetry to ad copy and an class="h">ian>nvestan class="h">ian>gatan class="h">ian>ve pan class="h">ian>eces. an class="h">Ian>n terms of my academan class="h">ian>c rapport, an class="h">Ian> have maan class="h">ian>ntaan class="h">ian>ned an A average an class="h">ian>n my degree so far. Also, as an class="h">Ian> have fan class="h">ian>nan class="h">ian>shed school faan class="h">ian>rly recently, an class="h">Ian> am well-versed an class="h">ian>n the requan class="h">ian>rements of the curran class="h">ian>culum.

an class="h">Ian> am very enthusan class="h">ian>astan class="h">ian>c about Englan class="h">ian>sh and languages and belan class="h">ian>eve that passan class="h">ian>on an class="h">ian>s an class="h">ian>nfectan class="h">ian>ous. an class="h">Ian> have notan class="h">ian>ced that the best teachers are those that take extra tan class="h">ian>me outsan class="h">ian>de of workan class="h">ian>ng hours to really cater to thean class="h">ian>r students' needs. an class="h">Ian> am avaan class="h">ian>lable for after-hours enquan class="h">ian>ran class="h">ian>es from students and wan class="h">ian>ll respond to e-maan class="h">ian>ls promptly.

an class="h">Ian> belan class="h">ian>eve that students who struggle wan class="h">ian>th Englan class="h">ian>sh are not an class="h">ian>nherently bad at the subject, but requan class="h">ian>re targeted guan class="h">ian>dance and motan class="h">ian>vatan class="h">ian>on wan class="h">ian>th expressan class="h">ian>ng thean class="h">ian>r an class="h">ian>deas. Learnan class="h">ian>ng Englan class="h">ian>sh as a pre-teen after coman class="h">ian>ng to New Zealand gave me a dan class="h">ian>fferent perspectan class="h">ian>ve on Englan class="h">ian>sh as a school subject and an class="h">Ian> belan class="h">ian>eve an class="h">Ian> can explan key concepts to students an class="h">ian>n a logan class="h">ian>cal manner.
an class="h">Ian> am a than class="h">ian>rd-year unan class="h">ian>versan class="h">ian>ty student,currently studyan class="h">ian>ng journalan class="h">ian>sm and publan class="h">ian>c relatan class="h">ian>ons at the Auckland Unan class="h">ian>versan class="h">ian>ty of Technology, as part of the Bachelor of Communan class="h">ian>catan class="h">ian>on Studan class="h">ian>es. Although englan class="h">ian>sh an class="h">ian>s not my fan class="h">ian>rst language, an class="h">ian>t has always been my strongest subject, as an class="h">Ian> have always had a flaan class="h">ian>r for languages and wran class="h">ian>tten expressan class="h">ian>on. an class="h">Ian>n han class="h">ian>gh school an class="h">Ian> recean class="h">ian>ved numerous awards an class="h">ian>n Englan class="h">ian>sh and also an class="h">ian>n German. Based on my performance an class="h">ian>n than class="h">ian>s area, and across other subjects, an class="h">Ian> have also recean class="h">ian>ved early adman class="h">ian>ssan class="h">ian>on to Unan class="h">ian>versan class="h">ian>ty. an class="h">Ian> am very passan class="h">ian>onate about lan class="h">ian>terature, wran class="h">ian>tan class="h">ian>ng and medan class="h">ian>a. an class="h">Ian> read wan class="h">ian>dely and wran class="h">ian>te an class="h">ian>n my spare tan class="h">ian>me.
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Tutor:Juanan class="h">ian>ta McConnachan class="h">ian>e
Rating:rating (What's this?)
Location:Auckland - Auckland Can class="h">ian>ty
Price Range:$30-40 per hour
Education Level:Graduate/Master Degree
Institute:Auckland University
Subject:Englan class="h">ian>shLevel:All levels
Subject:Creatan class="h">ian>ve Wran class="h">ian>tan class="h">ian>ngLevel:All levels
Subject:Essay Proofreadan class="h">ian>ngLevel:All levels
Tutoring Experience:
an class="h">Ian> have tutoran class="h">ian>ng experan class="h">ian>ence an class="h">ian>n tutoran class="h">ian>ng Englan class="h">ian>sh to students at all levels of school, from Pran class="h">ian>mary ran class="h">ian>ght through to Secondary school. For Pran class="h">ian>mary students an class="h">Ian> teach both readan class="h">ian>ng and spellan class="h">ian>ng as well as the school curran class="h">ian>culum, whan class="h">ian>le for Secondary students an class="h">Ian> concentrate more on essay wran class="h">ian>tan class="h">ian>ng, analytan class="h">ian>cal skan class="h">ian>lls and the curran class="h">ian>culum. an class="h">Ian> am also avaan class="h">ian>lable to tutor creatan class="h">ian>ve wran class="h">ian>tan class="h">ian>ng, and run a creatan class="h">ian>ve wran class="h">ian>tan class="h">ian>ng blog and am a staff member of kan class="h">ian>wan class="h">ian>wran class="h">ian>ters.org.

an class="h">Ian>n addan class="h">ian>tan class="h">ian>on an class="h">Ian> can help wan class="h">ian>th proofreadan class="h">ian>ng essays for secondary and unan class="h">ian>versan class="h">ian>ty students, but please note that an class="h">Ian> wan class="h">ian>ll not wran class="h">ian>te essays for students.
an class="h">Ian> have a Bachelor of Communan class="h">ian>catan class="h">ian>ons from AUT and a Graduate Dan class="h">ian>ploma of Arts at Auckland Unan class="h">ian>versan class="h">ian>ty an class="h">ian>n Englan class="h">ian>sh Lan class="h">ian>terature.

My tutoran class="h">ian>ng style an class="h">ian>s fran class="h">ian>endly and structured. Duran class="h">ian>ng the fan class="h">ian>rst lesson an class="h">Ian> ask the student to do a man class="h">ian>nan class="h">ian> quan class="h">ian>z so an class="h">Ian> can see what level they are at. an class="h">Ian> also lan class="h">ian>ke to see any past work that they have done. Then an class="h">Ian> wan class="h">ian>ll draw up a lesson plan wan class="h">ian>th the student so that an class="h">ian>t fan class="h">ian>ts thean class="h">ian>r an class="h">ian>ndan class="h">ian>van class="h">ian>dual needs.

an class="h">Ian> am based an class="h">ian>n West Auckland and work an class="h">ian>n Parnell so ean class="h">ian>ther of those areas are accessan class="h">ian>ble for me.

My maan class="h">ian>n pran class="h">ian>oran class="h">ian>ty when tutoran class="h">ian>ng students an class="h">ian>s to make sure they feel comfortable and relaxed so that they can learn as much as possan class="h">ian>ble. an class="h">Ian> belan class="h">ian>eve that everyone has the aban class="h">ian>lan class="h">ian>ty to do well an class="h">ian>n Englan class="h">ian>sh and an class="h">Ian> stran class="h">ian>ve to fan class="h">ian>nd ways to tutor that fan class="h">ian>t wan class="h">ian>th the an class="h">ian>ndan class="h">ian>van class="h">ian>dual needs and learnan class="h">ian>ng methods of the student.
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Tutor:Parvez Haan class="h">ian>der
Rating:rating (What's this?)
Location:Auckland - Auckland Can class="h">ian>ty
Price Range:$20-30 per hour
Education Level:Bachelor Degree
Institute:Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology Dhaka
Major:Water Resources Engineering
Subject:MathsLevel:All levels
Subject:Physan class="h">ian>csLevel:All levels
Subject:Scan class="h">ian>enceLevel:All levels
Tutoring Experience:
- an class="h">Ian> am a graduate Engan class="h">ian>neer, an class="h">Ian> know Physan class="h">ian>cs very well and also have vast knowledge an class="h">ian>n Scan class="h">ian>ence and Mathematan class="h">ian>cs. As an class="h">Ian> studan class="h">ian>ed Scan class="h">ian>ence department up to HSC (Han class="h">ian>gher Secondary School Certan class="h">ian>fan class="h">ian>cate) and was secured Fan class="h">ian>rst dan class="h">ian>van class="h">ian>san class="h">ian>on. an class="h">Ian> am not a qualan class="h">ian>fan class="h">ian>ed Teacher but an class="h">Ian> was tutoran class="h">ian>ng Mathematan class="h">ian>cs, Scan class="h">ian>ence and Physan class="h">ian>cs san class="h">ian>nce an class="h">Ian> was 1st year student of Engan class="h">ian>neeran class="h">ian>ng and an class="h">Ian> contan class="h">ian>nued my tutoran class="h">ian>ng students who were weak an class="h">ian>n Mathematan class="h">ian>cs, Scan class="h">ian>ence, Physan class="h">ian>cs an class="h">ian>n our Communan class="h">ian>ty and other communan class="h">ian>tan class="h">ian>es an class="h">ian>n New Zealand.
-an class="h">Ian> have been excellent an class="h">ian>n mathematan class="h">ian>cs all through my student lan class="h">ian>fe and practan class="h">ian>cal lan class="h">ian>fe as an class="h">Ian> am an Engan class="h">ian>neer.an class="h">Ian>n Mathematan class="h">ian>cs an class="h">Ian> secured 97% marks an class="h">ian>n secondary School Certan class="h">ian>fan class="h">ian>cate Exam. & letter marks (80% or more) an class="h">ian>n Han class="h">ian>gher secondary certan class="h">ian>fan class="h">ian>cate Exam. Duran class="h">ian>ng my study an class="h">ian>n B.SC.Engan class="h">ian>neeran class="h">ian>ng (whan class="h">ian>ch contaan class="h">ian>ns number of han class="h">ian>gher mathematan class="h">ian>cs) completed wan class="h">ian>th han class="h">ian>gh grade. an class="h">Ian> also very good an class="h">ian>n Scan class="h">ian>ence & Physan class="h">ian>cs for whan class="h">ian>ch an class="h">Ian> tutored some students of an class="h">Ian>ntermedan class="h">ian>ate and Grammar.
- an class="h">Ian> am not a an class="h">ian>nstan class="h">ian>tutan class="h">ian>onal teacher but an excellent tutor and experan class="h">ian>enced an class="h">ian>n tutoran class="h">ian>ng Mathematan class="h">ian>cs, Physan class="h">ian>cs & Scan class="h">ian>ence. Specan class="h">ian>ally an class="h">ian>n any types mathematan class="h">ian>cs (Algebra, calculus , an class="h">Ian>ntegratan class="h">ian>on, geometry, tran class="h">ian>gonometry, statan class="h">ian>stan class="h">ian>cs etc.)
- an class="h">Ian> am a graduate Engan class="h">ian>neeran class="h">ian>ng (Bachelor of Scan class="h">ian>ence & Engan class="h">ian>neeran class="h">ian>ng) ans a vast knowledge of tutoran class="h">ian>ng an class="h">ian>n my country and an class="h">ian>n New Zealand.
- Though an class="h">Ian> tutored lot of students by than class="h">ian>s tan class="h">ian>me. an class="h">Ian> understand student's nature, behavan class="h">ian>our,mood & thean class="h">ian>r creatan class="h">ian>van class="h">ian>ty & an class="h">ian>ntellan class="h">ian>gence.so an class="h">Ian> can teach students as per thean class="h">ian>r adaptaban class="h">ian>lan class="h">ian>ty,acceptaban class="h">ian>lan class="h">ian>ty and knowledge to make them understand and teach very nan class="h">ian>cely. an class="h">Ian> always tutoran class="h">ian>ng students wan class="h">ian>th passan class="h">ian>ons & behave gently. an class="h">Ian> don't gan class="h">ian>ve pressure to students beyond thean class="h">ian>r aban class="h">ian>lan class="h">ian>ty.But an class="h">Ian> always fulfan class="h">ian>l thean class="h">ian>r target of achan class="h">ian>evement & learnan class="h">ian>ng.
- an class="h">Ian> normally speak an class="h">ian>n Englan class="h">ian>sh duran class="h">ian>ng tutoran class="h">ian>ng. But an class="h">Ian> can speak Han class="h">ian>ndan class="h">ian> & Urdu fluently and understand.
- Normally an class="h">Ian> tutor students at thean class="h">ian>r home.
-an class="h">Ian> don't have any award for tutoran class="h">ian>ng.But one of my student an class="h">ian>s now teachan class="h">ian>ng an class="h">ian>n Unan class="h">ian>versan class="h">ian>ty of Auckland an class="h">ian>n Engan class="h">ian>neeran class="h">ian>ng department an class="h">ian>n NZ, another an class="h">ian>s radan class="h">ian>ologan class="h">ian>st, another an class="h">ian>s Research offan class="h">ian>cer an class="h">ian>n Scan class="h">ian>ence laboratory an class="h">ian>n BD, One an class="h">ian>s an class="h">ian>n Canada as a chartered Accountant & my eldest son as an Engan class="h">ian>neer workan class="h">ian>ng an class="h">ian>n Fulton Hogan an class="h">ian>n Auckland (an class="h">Ian> taught han class="h">ian>m Mathematan class="h">ian>cs). These are my reward or Award whatever you say.

-an class="h">Ian> lan class="h">ian>ke cran class="h">ian>cket,table tennan class="h">ian>s, soccer, Rugby. an class="h">Ian> am a stage performer and an class="h">Ian> can ply many musan class="h">ian>cal an class="h">ian>nstruments lan class="h">ian>ke Tabla, Bongu, Congo, Maracas etc.
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Tutor:Saman class="h">ian>a Alan class="h">ian>
Rating:rating (What's this?)
Location:Canterbury - Chran class="h">ian>stchurch Can class="h">ian>ty
Price Range:$20-30 per hour
Education Level:Doctoral Degree/Ph.D
Institute:University of Canterbury
Major:Civil Engineering
Subject:Engan class="h">ian>neeran class="h">ian>ngLevel:University(Year 3)
Subject:Physan class="h">ian>csLevel:University(Year 3)
Subject:MathsLevel:University(Year 3)
Tutoring Experience:
Havan class="h">ian>ng been a pran class="h">ian>vate tutor for 3 years and havan class="h">ian>ng taught over 25 students, an class="h">Ian> have developed a unan class="h">ian>que set of teachan class="h">ian>ng technan class="h">ian>ques and all of my students have benefan class="h">ian>ted from an class="h">ian>t. My students are dan class="h">ian>verse and they range from Form 1 to Unan class="h">ian>versan class="h">ian>ty (Year 3) students. Among han class="h">ian>gh school subjects, an class="h">Ian> am specan class="h">ian>alan class="h">ian>zed an class="h">ian>n teachan class="h">ian>ng Mathematan class="h">ian>cs, Cheman class="h">ian>stry, Physan class="h">ian>cs and Ban class="h">ian>ology. Among unan class="h">ian>versan class="h">ian>ty papers, an class="h">Ian> am experan class="h">ian>enced an class="h">ian>n Engan class="h">ian>neeran class="h">ian>ng, Structural Analysan class="h">ian>s and Desan class="h">ian>gn, Structural Mechanan class="h">ian>cs, Archan class="h">ian>tectural Desan class="h">ian>gn, San class="h">ian>te Plannan class="h">ian>ng and many more subjects. an class="h">Ian> am currently teachan class="h">ian>ng students from schools and unan class="h">ian>versan class="h">ian>ty, an class="h">Ian> have graduated an class="h">ian>n 2012 wan class="h">ian>th degree majoran class="h">ian>ng an class="h">ian>n Can class="h">ian>van class="h">ian>l and Buan class="h">ian>ldan class="h">ian>ng Engan class="h">ian>neeran class="h">ian>ng.

Along the way, an class="h">Ian> have helped varan class="h">ian>ous students to achan class="h">ian>eve thean class="h">ian>r dreams an class="h">ian>ncludan class="h">ian>ng gettan class="h">ian>ng an class="h">ian>nto New Zealand and Australan class="h">ian>an Unan class="h">ian>versan class="h">ian>tan class="h">ian>es. Students who attend my tutoran class="h">ian>als fan class="h">ian>nd them an class="h">ian>nteractan class="h">ian>ve and most an class="h">ian>mportantly, useful for tacklan class="h">ian>ng exam questan class="h">ian>ons. Apart from an class="h">ian>mpartan class="h">ian>ng knowledge, an class="h">Ian> would also be teachan class="h">ian>ng study-smart and exam technan class="h">ian>ques whan class="h">ian>ch an class="h">Ian> belan class="h">ian>eve are more valuable to the students an class="h">ian>n the long run.
an class="h">Ian> am a doctorate student at UC, New Zealand. My research an class="h">ian>s focussed on the use of buan class="h">ian>ldan class="h">ian>ng materan class="h">ian>als especan class="h">ian>ally an class="h">ian>n earthquakes. an class="h">Ian> feel that an class="h">Ian> have the means to go an class="h">ian>n depth wan class="h">ian>th the course materan class="h">ian>al and focus on the an class="h">ian>mportant aspects, whan class="h">ian>ch may not be so obvan class="h">ian>ous to the maan class="h">ian>nstream.

The most enjoyable than class="h">ian>ng about tutoran class="h">ian>ng or mentoran class="h">ian>ng an class="h">ian>s fan class="h">ian>ndan class="h">ian>ng a student who has the heart to learn and an class="h">ian>s always wantan class="h">ian>ng more than what an class="h">Ian> gan class="h">ian>ve. Thats way not only we wan class="h">ian>ll be able to connect an class="h">ian>n the subject and look forward to each sessan class="h">ian>on, but also excel above the rest.

an class="h">Ian> tend to tutor an class="h">ian>n a step by step systematan class="h">ian>c approach to allow the student to gather an class="h">ian>nformatan class="h">ian>on easan class="h">ian>ly an class="h">ian>n an easan class="h">ian>ly presented manner. an class="h">Ian> also questan class="h">ian>on and dan class="h">ian>scuss topan class="h">ian>cs wan class="h">ian>th the student for confan class="h">ian>rmatan class="h">ian>on of thean class="h">ian>r understandan class="h">ian>ng and an class="h">ian>s open for lan class="h">ian>stenan class="h">ian>ng to potentan class="h">ian>al an class="h">ian>ssues. an class="h">Ian> am a relatan class="h">ian>vely open person and can adapt to the an class="h">ian>ndan class="h">ian>van class="h">ian>dual needs of students as an class="h">Ian> understand the pressures of study and achan class="h">ian>evan class="h">ian>ng an class="h">ian>n school. The method an class="h">Ian> use for tutoran class="h">ian>ng would be gan class="h">ian>van class="h">ian>ng handouts and notes wan class="h">ian>th explanatan class="h">ian>on, and answeran class="h">ian>ng any questan class="h">ian>ons my students would have. The place of tutoran class="h">ian>ng an class="h">ian>s negotan class="h">ian>able but preferrably an class="h">ian>n the can class="h">ian>ty or man class="h">ian>d Chran class="h">ian>stchurch.
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Tutor:JAMan class="h">Ian>E LEDBETTER
Rating:rating (What's this?)
Location:Otago - Dunedan class="h">ian>n
Price Range:$20-30 per hour
Education Level:Graduate/Master Degree
Subject:Englan class="h">ian>shLevel:All levels
Subject:ESL/ESOL/ENGLan class="h">Ian>SHLevel:All levels
Tutoring Experience:
an class="h">Ian> have been tutoran class="h">ian>ng and teachan class="h">ian>ng Englan class="h">ian>sh for over san class="h">ian>x years and have a regan class="h">ian>stered busan class="h">ian>ness an class="h">ian>n New Zealand called Englan class="h">ian>sh Tutor at Your Computer.

an class="h">Ian>'ve traveled and worked extensan class="h">ian>vely throughout Asan class="h">ian>a and am very faman class="h">ian>lan class="h">ian>ar wan class="h">ian>th varan class="h">ian>ous cultures and customs throughout the world.

an class="h">Ian> currently tutor students from Russan class="h">ian>a, Korea, Chan class="h">ian>na, Japan, Malaysan class="h">ian>a, Thaan class="h">ian>land, Saudan class="h">ian> Araban class="h">ian>a, Kuwaan class="h">ian>t, Somalan class="h">ian>a, Brazan class="h">ian>l, Spaan class="h">ian>n, Portugal and Mexan class="h">ian>co, but am always lookan class="h">ian>ng for more dan class="h">ian>versan class="h">ian>ty.

Many of my students are actually an class="h">ian>n thean class="h">ian>r natan class="h">ian>ve countran class="h">ian>es, although the majoran class="h">ian>ty of them currently lan class="h">ian>ve here an class="h">ian>n New Zealand.

an class="h">Ian> have a Master of Educatan class="h">ian>on an class="h">ian>n Curran class="h">ian>culum and an class="h">Ian>nstructan class="h">ian>on, a TEFL certan class="h">ian>fan class="h">ian>catan class="h">ian>on, a man class="h">ian>nor an class="h">ian>n Englan class="h">ian>sh, as well as over san class="h">ian>x years experan class="h">ian>ence teachan class="h">ian>ng Englan class="h">ian>sh as a Second Language an class="h">ian>n South Korea and New Zealand.

an class="h">Ian> recean class="h">ian>ved the "Best Teacher Award" from Soonchunhyang Unan class="h">ian>versan class="h">ian>ty an class="h">ian>n 2011.

an class="h">Ian>f you want to study Englan class="h">ian>sh an class="h">ian>n a very relaxed manner and an class="h">ian>n a fran class="h">ian>endly atmosphere, Jaman class="h">ian>e an class="h">ian>s who you need. Due to her nature, her lessons are very stress-free and relaxed.Also, Jaman class="h">ian>e an class="h">ian>s a professan class="h">ian>onal an class="h">ian>n her fan class="h">ian>eld; she has a Master of Educatan class="h">ian>on an class="h">ian>n Curran class="h">ian>culum and an class="h">Ian>nstructan class="h">ian>on, so she does really know how to conduct Englan class="h">ian>sh lessons and how to teach!an class="h">Ian>'ve been studyan class="h">ian>ng Englan class="h">ian>sh wan class="h">ian>th Jaman class="h">ian>e for several months, and now an class="h">Ian> feel more confan class="h">ian>dent an class="h">ian>n Englan class="h">ian>sh than before, whan class="h">ian>ch helps me alot an class="h">ian>n daan class="h">ian>ly lan class="h">ian>fe.Wan class="h">ian>th Jaman class="h">ian>e, you can choose dan class="h">ian>fferent approaches to have Englan class="h">ian>sh lessons. You may have just a relaxed conversatan class="h">ian>on on any topan class="h">ian>c you want, or you may have classan class="h">ian>c lessons whan class="h">ian>ch are coveran class="h">ian>ng all the aspects of Englan class="h">ian>sh language, an class="h">ian>.e. grammar, spellan class="h">ian>ng, pronuncan class="h">ian>atan class="h">ian>on and punctuatan class="h">ian>on. So you have flexan class="h">ian>ble optan class="h">ian>ons whan class="h">ian>ch you can choose everyday as you wan class="h">ian>sh. Apart from studyan class="h">ian>ng Englan class="h">ian>sh face-to-face, Jaman class="h">ian>e offers her lessons on Skype, whan class="h">ian>ch are no less effectan class="h">ian>ve than pran class="h">ian>vate lessons face-to-face ones.No matter your level- began class="h">ian>nner, an class="h">ian>ntermedan class="h">ian>ate or advanced-lessons wan class="h">ian>th Jaman class="h">ian>e are very effan class="h">ian>can class="h">ian>ent and effectan class="h">ian>ve.” Vladan class="h">ian>man class="h">ian>r, Russan class="h">ian>a, March 2013

"Jaman class="h">ian>e an class="h">ian>s a great Englan class="h">ian>sh tutor. She knows how to teach Englan class="h">ian>sh communan class="h">ian>catan class="h">ian>on skan class="h">ian>lls and how to help me an class="h">ian>mprove my Englan class="h">ian>sh.
She has her own program for the lessons, whan class="h">ian>ch helps me to reach my goal.
an class="h">Ian> really enjoy studyan class="h">ian>ng Englan class="h">ian>sh wan class="h">ian>th her." -Yunseong, Korea, November 2012

"Jaman class="h">ian>e has been tutoran class="h">ian>ng my son an class="h">ian>n Englan class="h">ian>sh for some tan class="h">ian>me.She an class="h">ian>s both professan class="h">ian>onal and personal ensuran class="h">ian>ng the work set out an class="h">ian>s completed and thoroughly examan class="h">ian>nes the thought process to help the chan class="h">ian>ld to understand any pan class="h">ian>tfalls they may be encounteran class="h">ian>ng.My son an class="h">ian>s enthusan class="h">ian>astan class="h">ian>c about han class="h">ian>s tuan class="h">ian>tan class="h">ian>on and consequently feels more at an equal level to han class="h">ian>s peers whan class="h">ian>ch an class="h">ian>s faan class="h">ian>rly an class="h">ian>mportant for a than class="h">ian>rteen year old.an class="h">Ian> am so pleased wan class="h">ian>th the results that my 11 year old boy an class="h">ian>s also started to see Jaman class="h">ian>e." - Yvonne, New Zealand, Nov. 2012

"Jaman class="h">ian>e an class="h">ian>s a really good Englan class="h">ian>sh tutor! Her teachan class="h">ian>ng technan class="h">ian>que an class="h">ian>s great. Exact and courteous lessons make me happy. an class="h">Ian> really recommend her to other Englan class="h">ian>sh learners!" -Taka, Japan, Nov 12, 2012

"Jaan class="h">ian>man class="h">ian>e eres una excelente totora de an class="h">Ian>ngles al an class="h">ian>gual que un lan class="h">ian>nda chan class="h">ian>ca y gran aman class="h">ian>ga. Gracan class="h">ian>as Jaan class="h">ian>man class="h">ian>e!!!" -Aracelan class="h">ian>, Mexan class="h">ian>co

"Jaman class="h">ian>e an class="h">ian>s very experan class="h">ian>enced and professan class="h">ian>onal and an class="h">ian>s well prepared for lessons. She takes her job very seran class="h">ian>ously! Han class="h">ian>ghly recommended for all levels of Englan class="h">ian>sh." Mako, Japan

"an class="h">Ian> recommend Jaman class="h">ian>e an class="h">ian>s really good! an class="h">Ian> see her once a week and an class="h">Ian>'m really enjoyan class="h">ian>ng an class="h">ian>t. As englan class="h">ian>sh an class="h">ian>sn't my fan class="h">ian>rst language. And she an class="h">ian>s really easy to understand. Thank you for helpan class="h">ian>ng me, Jaman class="h">ian>e." Abdul, Saudan class="h">ian> Araban class="h">ian>a

Please see my websan class="h">ian>te for more student revan class="h">ian>ews. www.eslskypetutor.com
Free an class="h">ian>nan class="h">ian>tan class="h">ian>al assessment

Pran class="h">ian>vate lessons: an class="h">ian>n person, on the telephone, van class="h">ian>a Skype

Survan class="h">ian>val Englan class="h">ian>sh

Conversatan class="h">ian>on

Composan class="h">ian>tan class="h">ian>on

Edan class="h">ian>tan class="h">ian>ng (an class="h">ian>n person and van class="h">ian>a emaan class="h">ian>l)

Pronuncan class="h">ian>atan class="h">ian>on

Spellan class="h">ian>ng

Job or an class="h">Ian>mman class="h">ian>gratan class="h">ian>on an class="h">Ian>ntervan class="h">ian>ews

Readan class="h">ian>ng



Sentence Structure

Exam Preparatan class="h">ian>on (TOEan class="h">Ian>C,an class="h">Ian>ELTS)





My hours are from 8:00 AM-6:00 PM, Monday-Sunday. My schedule an class="h">ian>s very flexan class="h">ian>ble, whan class="h">ian>ch an class="h">ian>s great for people who are on a tan class="h">ian>ght schedule.

an class="h">Ian>f you lan class="h">ian>ve an class="h">ian>n Dunedan class="h">ian>n, an class="h">Ian> can tutor you an class="h">ian>n person, but my Skype tutoran class="h">ian>ng servan class="h">ian>ce an class="h">ian>s great for those who lan class="h">ian>ve abroad or for those who san class="h">ian>mply want to an class="h">ian>mprove thean class="h">ian>r communan class="h">ian>catan class="h">ian>on skan class="h">ian>lls. Even wran class="h">ian>tan class="h">ian>ng can be taught van class="h">ian>a Skype. an class="h">Ian>t's a fun and easy way to learn Englan class="h">ian>sh, and you don't even have to leave your home to study wan class="h">ian>th me!

an class="h">Ian>f you're not an class="h">ian>nterested an class="h">ian>n studyan class="h">ian>ng wan class="h">ian>th me long-term, but stan class="h">ian>ll want casual help (even wan class="h">ian>th edan class="h">ian>tan class="h">ian>ng or wran class="h">ian>tan class="h">ian>ng a paper), an class="h">Ian> can help you.

The best way to contact me an class="h">ian>s to text me at 021-293-0753, or to emaan class="h">ian>l me pran class="h">ian>vately.

The name of my busan class="h">ian>ness an class="h">ian>s ENGLan class="h">Ian>SH TUTOR AT YOUR COMPUTER. Fan class="h">ian>nd me on Facebook an class="h">ian>f you'd lan class="h">ian>ke some very useful tan class="h">ian>ps and an class="h">ian>nformatan class="h">ian>on that wan class="h">ian>ll help you an class="h">ian>mprove your speakan class="h">ian>ng, wran class="h">ian>tan class="h">ian>ng, lan class="h">ian>stenan class="h">ian>ng and readan class="h">ian>ng skan class="h">ian>lls. https://www.facebook.com/Englan class="h">ian>shWan class="h">ian>thMan class="h">ian>ssJaman class="h">ian>e

You can also fan class="h">ian>nd dozens of student revan class="h">ian>ews on my websan class="h">ian>te and Facebook page. Check out my websan class="h">ian>te: http://www.eslskypetutor.com

an class="h">Ian> look forward to hearan class="h">ian>ng from you soon!

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Tutor:Karen Grant
Rating:rating (What's this?)
Location:Auckland - North Shore
Price Range:$50 or higher per hour
Education Level:Graduate/Master Degree
Institute:auckland Uni
Subject:Englan class="h">ian>shLevel:Secondary(Form 3-5)
Subject:Englan class="h">ian>shLevel:Secondary(Form 6-7)
Subject:LanguageLevel:All levels
Tutoring Experience:
an class="h">Ian> am a senan class="h">ian>or ENGLan class="h">Ian>SH Han class="h">Ian>GH SCHOOL TEACHER , fully New Zealand Traan class="h">ian>ned and currently regan class="h">ian>stered under the New Zealand Teachers' Councan class="h">ian>l. My students both an class="h">ian>n school, and my pran class="h">ian>vate students have a reputatan class="h">ian>on of academan class="h">ian>c excellence . an class="h">Ian> wan class="h">ian>ll tutor years 9 and 10, however, my area of expertan class="h">ian>se an class="h">ian>s senan class="h">ian>or NCEA Englan class="h">ian>sh. Level 1,2 and 3. an class="h">Ian> have taught the NCEA Englan class="h">ian>sh curran class="h">ian>culum for 11 years an class="h">ian>n some of Auckland's fan class="h">ian>nest schools.
PLEASE NOTE an class="h">Ian> CANNOT WORK Man class="h">Ian>RACLES an class="h">Ian>N TWO WEEKS BEFORE EXAMS FOR SENan class="h">Ian>ORS STUDENTS - YOU NEED TO GET ONTO an class="h">Ian>T EARLY Wan class="h">Ian>TH THan class="h">Ian>S SUBJECT ;0)

an class="h">Ian> know the NCEA Englan class="h">ian>sh Curran class="h">ian>culum better than cheaper tutors outsan class="h">ian>de of the educatan class="h">ian>on system. Wan class="h">ian>th me, you wan class="h">ian>ll have the knowledge that your tutor knows the an class="h">ian>ntran class="h">ian>cacan class="h">ian>es of the NCEA system as well as havan class="h">ian>ng a thorough knowledge of her teachan class="h">ian>ng subject. My students get results, san class="h">ian>mple as that. $60 per hour. an class="h">Ian> am a young, fran class="h">ian>endly and motan class="h">ian>vatan class="h">ian>ng female wan class="h">ian>th many current resources at my fan class="h">ian>ngertan class="h">ian>ps to help your chan class="h">ian>ld.

an class="h">Ian> also have an esol teachan class="h">ian>ng degree and am used to workan class="h">ian>ng wan class="h">ian>th NCEA Englan class="h">ian>sh wan class="h">ian>th students for whom Englan class="h">ian>sh an class="h">ian>s a second language.

Please note, spaces are lan class="h">ian>man class="h">ian>ted. an class="h">Ian> come to you. North Shore only. an class="h">Ian>f you should choose to use my servan class="h">ian>ces, please note that an class="h">ian>t wan class="h">ian>ll be on a weekly, or 2 weekly, basan class="h">ian>s. Faan class="h">ian>lure to be at tutoran class="h">ian>al sessan class="h">ian>ons agreed to wan class="h">ian>ll an class="h">ian>ncur a $45 fee regardless of how much warnan class="h">ian>ng you gan class="h">ian>ve ( EVERY sessan class="h">ian>on you man class="h">ian>ss, an class="h">ian>s a man class="h">ian>ssed opportunan class="h">ian>ty for me to take someone off my waan class="h">ian>t lan class="h">ian>st). Man class="h">ian>nan class="h">ian>mum number of an class="h">ian>nan class="h">ian>tan class="h">ian>al tutoran class="h">ian>al sessan class="h">ian>on an class="h">ian>s 6. an class="h">Ian> have recently left teachan class="h">ian>ng so aman class="h">ian>able to tutor duran class="h">ian>ng work hours.
Tutoran class="h">ian>al lessons start at the agreed tan class="h">ian>me. Bean class="h">ian>ng late wan class="h">ian>ll stan class="h">ian>ll mean you pay the full amount.
You are payan class="h">ian>ng more as you are recean class="h">ian>van class="h">ian>ng tutoran class="h">ian>ng not just feel
A natan class="h">ian>ve speaker, but a professan class="h">ian>onal teacher versed an class="h">ian>n al aspects of NCEA. an class="h">Ian> know what they're lookan class="h">ian>ng for . Please note an class="h">Ian> do not do your homework for you . That won't help you an class="h">ian>n the long run, but u sure wan class="h">ian>ll help you get a good mark . Aan class="h">ian>m for Excellence , always.

My servan class="h">ian>ces are not just for forean class="h">ian>gn/ esol students . an class="h">Ian> am an Englan class="h">ian>sh Lan class="h">ian>terarure teacher of 11 years under my belt.

Wan class="h">ian>th class san class="h">ian>zes burstan class="h">ian>ng at the seams, a lan class="h">ian>ttle one on one on how to wran class="h">ian>te a good essay an class="h">ian>s benefan class="h">ian>can class="h">ian>al to any student of Englan class="h">ian>sh. an class="h">Ian> know from experan class="h">ian>ence that teachers are now lan class="h">ian>ke butter spread too than class="h">ian>n. Let me fan class="h">ian>ll an class="h">ian>n the gaps and and show you your potentan class="h">ian>al . You are not bad at Englan class="h">ian>sh, your teacher doesn't hate you, there an class="h">ian>s just not enough tan class="h">ian>me to gan class="h">ian>ve each student that we would lan class="h">ian>ke . The overall problem an class="h">ian>s thar resources are stretched ran class="h">ian>ght across our educatan class="h">ian>on sector. an class="h">Ian> can help you wan class="h">ian>th anythan class="h">ian>ng spellan class="h">ian>ng, grammar , essay wran class="h">ian>tan class="h">ian>ng etc. let me rebuan class="h">ian>ld/ an class="h">ian>mprove your self confan class="h">ian>dence !! Even an class="h">ian>n pran class="h">ian>vate schools, teacher resources are stretched. Dont waan class="h">ian>t tan class="h">ian>ll exams . Start now !! an class="h">Ian> get as much happan class="h">ian>ness an class="h">ian>n your confan class="h">ian>dence and success as you do .
an class="h">Ian> have been tutoran class="h">ian>ng for over 12 years and teachan class="h">ian>ng Senan class="h">ian>or Han class="h">ian>gh School Englan class="h">ian>sh lan class="h">ian>terature for 12 years.
an class="h">Ian> am esol traan class="h">ian>ned, and work well wan class="h">ian>th NCEA students who are from non Englan class="h">ian>sh speakan class="h">ian>ng backgrounds.
an class="h">Ian> can come to you ( an class="h">ian>n the East Coast Bays and envan class="h">ian>rons) .No weekend classes sorry.
Patan class="h">ian>ent
Sense of humour
Great at workan class="h">ian>ng wan class="h">ian>th teenagers, especan class="h">ian>ally the unmotan class="h">ian>vated!
Knows NCEA Englan class="h">ian>sh curran class="h">ian>culum.
young and motan class="h">ian>vatan class="h">ian>onal ( 35 years old - stan class="h">ian>ll kan class="h">ian>nd of wan class="h">ian>th an class="h">ian>t!! )
My students get the results they desan class="h">ian>re.

$60per hour non negotan class="h">ian>able
No shows an class="h">ian>ncur a fee. 24 hours notan class="h">ian>ce an class="h">ian>s requan class="h">ian>red for a cancellatan class="h">ian>on. For your place to be kept permanently on a week to week basan class="h">ian>s, no more than 3 cancellatan class="h">ian>ons an class="h">ian>n the pre arranged tutoran class="h">ian>ng peran class="h">ian>od are perman class="h">ian>tted. Man class="h">ian>nan class="h">ian>mum number of lessons on san class="h">ian>gn up an class="h">ian>s 5
an class="h">Ian>f you are late to lesson, a lesson you do not get extra tan class="h">ian>me after the agreed lesson end.

an class="h">Ian>.e an class="h">ian>f your tan class="h">ian>me slot an class="h">ian>s 4-5, and you arran class="h">ian>ve at 4:15, your lesson wan class="h">ian>ll fan class="h">ian>nan class="h">ian>sh at 5 and you wan class="h">ian>ll be charged the same amount as for an hour.

Sorry no one off lessons.
No waan class="h">ian>tan class="h">ian>ng room for parents sorry. Off street parkan class="h">ian>ng an class="h">ian>s avaan class="h">ian>lable for you waan class="h">ian>t for your chan class="h">ian>ld an class="h">ian>n the car
Parents "san class="h">ian>ttan class="h">ian>ng an class="h">ian>n on " lessons an class="h">ian>s also not part of my tutoran class="h">ian>ng style. an class="h">Ian>t an class="h">ian>s dan class="h">ian>stractan class="h">ian>ng for the student as they feel pressured.
an class="h">Ian>f you want me to get back to you, please leave contact detaan class="h">ian>ls an class="h">ian>n your message.
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