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Tutor:Akinori Matsumoto
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Location:Auckland - Auckland City
Price Range:$30-40 per hour
Education Level:Doctoral Degree/Ph.D
Institute:Monash University, University of Auckland
Major:Japanese studies and Education
Subject:JapaneseLevel:All levels
Subject:ESOLLevel:Secondary(Form 6-7)
Subject:Japanese StudiesLevel:University(Year 3)
Tutoring Experience:
I have taught Japanese at a number of educational institutions in New Zealand and Australia. I also taught ESOL to migrant students in Christchurch and several schools in Japan.

I taught the following level of Japanese, Japanese Studies and ESOL.
Japanese : Year 9 to Year 13 and University 1st year to post graduate level
Japanese studies: University 1 to 3rd year level
ESOL Primary to intermediate level
Looking for a fully New Zealand qualified and registered graduate teacher or tutor with recent proven NCEA experience and success ?

With 25 years of tertiary and secondary teaching experience in Australia and New Zealand (as well as in Japan), I can offer you quality classroom teaching or private tutoring from absolute beginner to advanced post-graduate tertiary level in Japanese language, culture or associated studies, as well as ESOL teaching.

I guarantee well planned, stimulating, enjoyable and fun lessons with depth and quality backed up by ability and understanding from meeting, helping and mixing with people of a variety of ethnicities.
Please feel free to contact me for further details.
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Tutor:Samantha de Coning
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Location:Auckland - Waitakere City
Price Range:$30-40 per hour
Education Level:Graduate/Master Degree
Institute:University of Port Elizabeth, South Africa
Subject:EnglishLevel:All levels
Subject:ESOLLevel:All levels
Tutoring Experience:
I have been teaching and tutoring all levels of English for the past 8 years and my experience includes:
- teaching at a city based language school for 5 years
- tutoring indivudual students
- teaching small classes of 4-6 students from home

I teach
-ESOL for Adults elementary to advanced
-General Conversational Skills
-English Language for Years 9 and 10
-NCEA levels 1, 2 and 3
-IELTS Foundation
-IELTS Academic
-IELTS General
I have been teaching and tutoring English for the last 8 years. At present I am running small classes (4-6 students) in ESOL and IELTS. I also have college and NCEA students that I tutor individually.

Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (CertTEFL)

During our first class we will discuss your goals and how I can help you achieve them. I will teach according to your needs and skill level. Classes are interesting and fun and aimed at helping you achieve your learning goals.

My home language is English and all classes are taught in English.

My home or students home by arrangement.

Individual Tutoring $35-$45/hour depending on subject and travel
Classes $65-$100 per week depending on subject

I enjoy teaching English and look forward to hearing from you!
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Tutor:Cathy O'Connell
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Location:Waikato - Paeroa
Price Range:$30-40 per hour
Education Level:Graduate/Master Degree
Institute:Auckland and Waikato Uni
Major:English, ESOL
Subject:ESOLLevel:All levels
Subject:EnglishLevel:Secondary(Form 3-5)
Subject:EnglishLevel:Secondary(Form 6-7)
Tutoring Experience:
I have a one year graduate Diploma in ESOL teaching from Waikato Uni. I am also a trained secondary teacher.

I have taught English in New Zealand secondary schools and for the last 5 years I have taught ESOL students at schools in Hamilton and near Cambridge. I know all the Level 1 to 3 ESOL unit standards as well as English Achievement standards for Levels 1 and 2.

I have also taught IELTS.
This year I am quite busy with a number of different projects so I cannot say I can tutor on the same day every week.

I love teaching, especially ESOL students, and this year I mainly want to help students who are sitting IELTS but I am happy to talk over other possibilities if you don't need a tutor on the same day every week.

I have just shifted to between Paeroa and Thames, but I come to Hamilton about once a fortnight so I could usually do a session on a Wednesday or perhaps a Thursday afternoon. I charge $30 an hour in Hamilton if I am already there. I charge $40 per hour if I have to travel far e.g. 20 mins plus to get to you. I will charge more if I have to become familiar with literature for NCEA and help you with assignments between tutoring sessions.
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Tutor:Petra Bestmann
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Location:Online Only
Price Range:$40-50 per hour
Education Level:Graduate/Master Degree
Subject:GermanLevel:All levels
Subject:ESOLLevel:All levels
Subject:ScienceLevel:All levels
Tutoring Experience:
I have been teaching at a NZ High School School for the last 15 years. My main subjects are Year 9 to Year 13 Science and Mathematics. I can also tutor Chemistry and Physics at all levels.

I am a native German speaker and have taught German at all levels on the Virtual Learning Network for the last 10 years.

In addition I've been teaching ESOL to our International and immigrant students.

I’m available to assist students from years 9 to 13 with:
• Improving understanding and grades in Science, Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, German or ESOL subjects
• Exam preparation including all senior secondary NCEA exams as well as “other exams”
• Catch-up learning for foreign students or recent immigrants to New Zealand to bring their existing knowledge in line with the NZ Curriculum
• Extension classes for students wishing to pursue additional material outside of the curriculum or in year levels above their current age, e.g. as preparation for an easier transition into senior secondary study or into tertiary education
I am a NZ registered teacher, working at a High School for the last 15 years. I am familiar with the requirements of NCEA at all levels as well as the NZ Curriculum.

Apart from my Teaching Degree I hold a Master’s Degree in Science (Chemistry) and in Chemical Engineering.

I offer tutoring in General Science, Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics and German for students from Year 9 to Year 13.

I have extensive experience in online teaching and tutoring, having spent the last 10 years involved in the establishment of e-learning opportunities through the Virtual Learning Network. I enjoy the online teaching environment and would like to extend this opportunity to after school tutoring as well using either Skype or Google Hangouts.

5 years ago I acquired an additional degree in Language teaching. I am able to tutor German and ESOL at all levels.

As a specialist in online teaching, with extensive experience teaching individuals, small groups and full classes in this environment I am able to offer high quality tutoring in a flexible and affordable mode while maintaining all of the benefits traditionally associated with in-person tuition.
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Tutor:Lubna Iqbal
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Location:Auckland - Auckland City
Price Range:$20-30 per hour
Education Level:Bachelor Degree
Institute:University Of Auckland
Major:English and History
Subject:EnglishLevel:All levels
Subject:ESOLLevel:All levels
Subject:HistoryLevel:Secondary(Form 3-5)
Tutoring Experience:
I have had tutoring experience with High School students in teaching both English and ESOL.
I have a Bachelor of Arts degree with a double major in History and English from the Univeristy of Auckland. I am currently in teachers college a semester away from becoming a High School English and ESOL teacher.
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Tutor:Julian Tang
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Location:Auckland - Auckland City
Price Range:$20-30 per hour
Education Level:Bachelor Degree
Major:Public Relations
Subject:EnglishLevel:All levels
Subject:ESOLLevel:All levels
Tutoring Experience:
Free Class ESOL Tutor at Edenz as part of TESOL qualification - Intermediate and Pre-Intermediate levels

Night Class ESOL Tutor at Edenz - Intermediate and Pre-Intermediate levels
Hi, I'm Julian!

I am looking for students who want to learn ESOL or 'English for Speakers of Other Languages.'

My highest qualification is a Bachelors Degree in Communication Studies (Public Relations major) from AUT, where I graduated from in 2011.

I have also completed a TESOL qualification from Edenz College in Auckland where I received:
-Edenz College Level 4 Certificate of TESOL (Communicative English Language Teaching)
-Trinity College London Level 5 CertTESOL (Certification in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages.)

I teach English with a 'communicative approach' to learning, with a focus on improving your confidence to actually use your English skills. I am happy to cater to your needs, and can help with casual conversation or teaching from a proper syllabus.

I am New Zealand born and raised, and English is my first language. I am also studying Korean and speak at a pre-intermediate level.

I am happy to teach any student of any age or ethnicity who is interested in learning and improving their English. My dream is to teach ESOL in South Korea, so Korean students are more that welcome!

I am based in Te Atatu South, West Auckland but I am happy to teach students based in Central Auckland too!

I look forward to hearing from you!
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Tutor:Dragana Nikolic
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Location:Auckland - Manukau City
Price Range:$20-30 per hour
Education Level:Bachelor Degree
Institute:University of Nis
Major:English language and literature
Subject:EnglishLevel:All levels
Subject:ESOLLevel:All levels
Tutoring Experience:
I have over 6 years� European teaching experience in English as a Foreign Language to children from 7 to 15 years of age as well as over 2 years New Zealand Teaching experience in ESOL � private tuition - both individuals and groups of all ages.
Teaching experience in the preparation of adult learners for the Cambridge ESOL exams (IELTS and Proficiency).
I am a creative, friendly teacher of English for speakers of both other languages (ESOL) and native speakers.

Apart from Bachelor�s Degree of B.A. of Philology ( Major - English Language and Literature), I also have CPE - Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English and High school diploma - Program : Social and Language Studies.

I teach both ESOL and English ( listening, reading, grammar, writing, speaking ) to both individuals and groups of all ages and levels.
During the initial lesson I find the student�s personal strengths and then create a programme specifically designed to tackle his/her specific needs. On the other hand, I am also delighted to make the groups of two or three students because I believe that intensive tutoring in groups facilitates language learning.

I possess teaching, translating, writing and editing skills. So I am more than willing to help with essay writing and proofreading.

There are no extra charges for the tuition held at the student's home but there is a DISCOUNT FOR WORK IN GROUPS!

Contact me now for your initial FREE consultation about this fun and friendly tutoring at a reasonable rate!


Students' feedbacks:

Kalina from China: "Hi! I am really satisfied with Dragana's tutorial. I like her methods of teaching speaking and the way she corrects my errors. It seems to be just a casual chat but one learns a lot about English conversation. She is friendly and talkative, and always has useful tips for me. Thanks a lot Dragana!"
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Tutor:Malcolm Keene
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Location:Auckland - North Shore
Price Range:$40-50 per hour
Education Level:Graduate/Master Degree
Institute:I.O.E., University of London
Subject:IELTSLevel:All levels
Subject:EnglishLevel:All levels
Subject:Academic EnglishLevel:All levels
Tutoring Experience:
I have been teaching EFL/ESOL for around 25 YEARS. Before moving to Auckland, I lived and taught English in Tokyo, JAPAN for 17 years. This included teaching at UNIVERSITY from 1993 to 2009.

Over the past 5 years in NZ, I have taught classes at AUT University and International House, Massey University and Auckland University's English Language Academy. I am now teaching ACADEMIC WRITING and ORAL PRESENTATIONS courses at Massey University.

I have also taught two online Teacher Training courses to large groups based in Korea, and have tutored IELTS and EFL students individually online.
I'm originally from LONDON in the UK. I have the Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults from the University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations, and a BA in English and an MA in TESOL from the University of London.

I have wide experience of preparing candidates for many exams including IELTS, TOEIC, and TOEFL. I particularly enjoy guiding learners towards achieving their goals with English language skills and the IELTS test.

I can teach you at my home in Browns Bay, or at another location, or ONLINE using SKYPE. Lessons can be suited to your ability, needs, and preferences, and a wide variety of materials can be used.

Comments from students

[By Vincent Sun]created: 17 Mar 2012
I have studied with Malcolm for 6 months.I really enjoyed his tutorial and he gave me great help in my learning.Through his training, my English has improved dramatically, especially my speaking and writing.Malcolm is a nice tutor, who does not hesitate to response your questions. More over, he gave me some sensible advice according to my weakness. I appreciate him pretty much for his patience and kindness. So in my mind, he is a great teacher.

[By Mirko leschkowitz]created: 20 Mar 2012
I have studied with Malcolm for the last 4 months.I really enjoyed our every day tutorial at his place at brownsbay. Through his training, my English has improved significant. He gave me the right tutorial for my jobsearch and the IELTS test.
Malcolm is a really nice and helpfull tutor. I appreciate him very much. He is a great teacher and i highly recommend him!

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Tutor:Lisa Ryan
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Location:Wellington - Wellington City
Price Range:$20-30 per hour
Education Level:Bachelor Degree
Institute:Victoria University Wellington
Major:English Literature, Religious Studies
Subject:LanguageLevel:All levels
Tutoring Experience:
TEFLINK: The Master 140 hour TEFL certificate.
I have my Bachelor of Art's with a double major in English Literature and Religious Studies. I have also studied Linguistics and ESOL theory.

Teaching at an online Chinese language school for children. I am a fun teacher, I use games with younger students at times to help language learning really sink in.

I have taught South Korean children and teenagers (aged 11-17) and South Korean adults, and Chinese adults.

I was an ESOL Home Tutor through English Language Partners with a Chinese migrant student.
Wellington city, long term students only (minimum period of 3 months of 12 1-hour long lessons), at the public Library, Monday to Friday only. Hours to be discussed at first lesson and may change week to week.

Lessons are 1 hour long.
I teach from the City Public Library.
Current rate is $30 (waged) or $20 (unwaged) per hour long lesson,.
Wellington city in person.

Please get in touch and let me help you with your ESOL / ESL.

Comments from students

[By Mihaeng Song]created: 22 Oct 2015
you're kind English teacher.
I apprecicate to your teaching attitude.
When I can't understand voca, you try to explain well about them.
I also enjoy learning English with your materials.

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Tutor:Tui-kay Cole
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Location:Auckland - Auckland City
Price Range:$30-40 per hour
Education Level:Graduate/Master Degree
Institute:Auckland University
Subject:EnglishLevel:All levels
Subject:SportLevel:All levels
Tutoring Experience:
I am experienced in teaching ESOL
I have assisted international students with English since High School 2003.
I have worked one on one with students with conversational skills, phases, slang as well as punctuation.
Kia Ora, (Hello)!

I am a New Zealand Maori lady and here to help you!! :)
I am very personable, kind and happy to teach you about New Zealand and its culture, basic Maori and of course English.
I can speak basic Maori and Japanese although I am a fluent native English speaker.

I have completed a Post Grad in Teaching Primary School.

I am willing to teach ESOL. I am happy to begin where ever needed, this usually being conversational.

I only tutor in general areas such as Auckland Library, Cafes and parks (on nice days).

I am very well travelled (having worked for Emirates Airline) and during that time learnt ALOT about different cultures and nationalities which assists me with teaching you.

Look forward to working with you!

Comments from students

[By Ziyun(Evan) Wang]created: 17 Aug 2015
Hi Miss,
I definitely enjoyed your tutorials.You were very approchable and kind.You would always encourage me to initiate conversations with you and be more confident.Your teaching has had very postive impacts on me as I have become more out-going and be able to talk to my friends more frequently.I would highly recommend you as a tutor to Esol students.Sincerely Evan

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