What is TutorsHome?

TutorsHome is a website that helps to link private tutors to students in New Zealand. TutorsHome is not a tutoring agency nor tutoring company, therefore she does not have any personal relation with registered tutors on the website. All she provides is an online platform that enables a tutor find students easily, quickly and enjoyably.

TutorsHome works like this: New Zealand or on-line private tutors can register on the website. They will be required to enter some key information such as what they teach, where they teach, hourly rate and other terms. When a student needs a tutor, they simply go to our website and perform a search with their own criteria. Students can send message to one or multiple tutors they found and ask for their availability and other details.

Why TutorsHome?

A lot of capable tutors including professionals, university students who do part-time tutoring experience a common difficulty: they find it hard to promote their tutoring service. Some of them put flyers on notice board, which has some effect but not good enough to reach large number of students. This is also a very time consuming process. On the other hand, this is also a problem for students: many of them want to find tutors but simply don't know how. Some tried to look at notice board or newspaper, but their options are very limited. They also found that flyers cannot provide enough information to judge if a tutor is suitable --- they want to know more before hiring a tutor!

As a result, we created TutorsHome. She allows tutors to advertise online, and allows students to search a large selection of tutors. For students, information volume is the key -- since TutorsHome has large number of tutors, students can choose the most suitable one quickly and easily. When a student is choosing a tutor, this tutor's reliability is also critical to their decision. At TutorsHome, a tutor can invite his /her previous students to leave feedbacks. Tutors will have different "rating" based on the number of feedbacks he or she receives from students.

History of TutorsHome

In 2003, three 3rd-year computer science students from the University of Auckland decided to build a website to help students who want to find tutors, and tutors who wish to have more students.

Traditionally, students find tutors by looking at notice board, and tutors market themselves by go around the campus and put up notice. This is time consuming, and is not effective either because notices get tore off or overlapped quickly. Why don't we create a place where information is easy to access, advertisements don't get removed, and a large number of tutors to choose from?

TutorsHome was launched in July 2003. We started off inviting friends to join the site --- since we were Auckland University students, most of the early tutors were from the same university.

Now, all co-founders of TutorsHome are I.T. professionals under employments. However we have not forgotten TutorsHome. Instead, more and more voluntary developers, marketing representatives are involved in this project. We have been actively working on TutorsHome to improve functions, user interface and usability. The motivation of doing this project is mainly encouragements from both tutors and students. As of March 2006 we have helped hundreds of students successfully find tutors. We received many encouraging letters from users, which make us feel this project very enjoyable.

The Future of TutorsHome

Will we continue to work on TutorsHome? Yes of course we'll do! This is an interesting project and we pride ourselves on the contribution to New Zealand education.

In future, we will provide more services for our registered tutors. For example, we can hold workshops and activities so that tutors would have a lot of chances to exchange experience and knowledge in this 'HOME'. We may also provide professional training to the people who want to be a tutor or the tutors who want to develop skills with a higher degree of level. This is our plan.


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