TutorsHome offers an innovative way to link New Zealand private tutors to students. Once you become a member after registration, you will have access to information of all our tutors or students and will be able to contact them by sending messages.

Please note that TutorsHome is not a tutoring company. It is a website that offers an online platform for tutors and students to exchange information. Therefore we do not carry any responsibility on quality and behaviour of the tutors registered. Neither do we make recommendations to students/parents on which tutor to choose, because we have no personal connections with any of the members.

When you are having trouble using our website, you can try to find an answer in our FAQ section. If FAQ does not answer your question, please contact us and we will try to help you.

For any general inquiries, please contact:

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Urgent need of a tutor

If you have trouble using our website, or simply don't want to spend the time in contacting the tutors individually, you have the option of delegating this job to us by emailing us to will charge NZ $75.00 handling fee for this. Here's what we will do:

a) Gather information from students/parents in order to know what makes an ideal tutor for them;
b) Based on the requirements, perform detail search on our website and generate a list of prospective tutors;
c) Choose a few tutors who well match student's/parents' requirements. Contact them individually by sending them an internal message to ask their availability on behalf of the student/parents. At this stage we do not give out the student's/parents' contact information.
d) After we receive response from tutors and have confirmed their availability, we will pass their contact information to the student/parents.
e) At this stage we have finished our task and students/parents will need to contact these tutors by themselves.

In the following circumstances we shall refund a portion of the payment:

a) There's no single match to students requirements. In this case we shall post an advertisement for the student, and refund NZ $40.00.
b) We have not received any internal message response from the matched tutors. In this case we shall post an advertisement for the student, and refund NZ $20.00.

For all other circumstances the payment is not refundable. For example, if we have selected a couple of tutors for the student, but the student do not like any of them and chooses not to hire them, his/her payment to TutorsHome will not be refunded.


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