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  1. How does Tutorshome protect my privacy?
  2. Will Tutorshome use any of my contact information for other commercial use?
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About Privacy Protection

How does Tutorshome protect my privacy? TOP

Tutorshome, basically, uses the following four ways to protect the users' privacy

  • Each and every user needs to register first before they read or post Ads.
  • Built-in message system: We do not show users' contact information directly due to concern on security and privacy issues. In the past when contact information is publicly listed, we received a few complaints that some parties collected these information for commercial purpose. Users on Tutorshome are provided message box for free to make communications.
  • No phone number or email address is allowed to show in self-description, in order to protect your privacy from being breached by anonymous internet users.
  • You are free to make decisions. Users in need could send internal messages by using our services, but ití»s up to you whether to reply with giving contact details or not.

Will Tutorshome use any of my contact information for other commercial use? TOP

Of course not!
When Tutorshome was launched in July 2003, the founders invited all their mates to join this online community. Most of the tutors from early years know who the founders are, because the founders are university tutors too! We treat all members who registered on the site as friends.



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